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I am starting a

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PostPosted: April 5, 2004 3:36 PM 

I am starting a new post..original post>>

This Ftp will be up indefinently for Seinfeld HQ Episodes only. We have just opened up this ftp recently. We still need plenty of seasons so please feel free to contribute to the upload folder. Here is how you connect and here are the rules.

Please use ftp client..Not internet browser if you can help it...especially uploading.

User: Seinfeld
Pass: Kramer

User and Pass case sensitive!!

Please do not take up more than one login at a time as the server will only take 10 people.
If you download please only download from episodes folder and not upload folder. If you download from upload folder you may cause problems if someone is still uploading a file or something. The files in the upload category have not been scanned for viruses and I will ban people trying to get files from upload folder.
When you upload just upload them to the upload folder. When they are complete I will move them to episodes folder and scan them for viruses.
Please do not sit waiting on idle in the server.

We need everyone to contribute whatever High Quality episodes they have so that we can all share files and be able to complete each others collections.

I thankyou a lot for your help. If you have any questions aim Antometer Thanks alot and hopefully the server will start to fill up real soon.


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