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PostPosted: November 9, 2005 2:44 PM 


It's high time someone said this. NO ONE knows how to bid properly on eBay. Realistically about 98% of the worthless people on there all have no idea what they are doing.

I've had just about enough of finding a great item, only to find out that for the umpteenth time some stupid bastard has bid on it and there are multiple days left before the sale. In some cases up to 5 or 6 failed abortions join in on the insane bidding.

My question to any fool who is doing this: Why? Why in the name of (insert deity here)
would you bid on something days beforehand? Do you not understand that bidding 5 days before the actual auction concludes is beyond stupid?!!

These people must truly enjoy paying for more than what they really should. One idiotic bidder is enough, but time after time after damn time, like lemmings other mentally challenged people panic as if they will lose with 10 days left and bid ridiculously high. What once could have sold for eight dollars is sold for eighty. I wish I was exaggerating but I swear to you I am not.

When this happens to an item I am interested in, I send scathing hateful emails to the buffoons who bid weeks in advance. I should I've been warned by eBay to stop but I refuse. These fiends are a virus and are driving up my blood pressure. When I do win, I send them another hateful message telling them that's what they get for being so god damn stupid and bidding early. And that people like them do not deserve to win.

What makes it even worse is that they lose!! They bid all this damn money and still lose to the few of us who have our brains turned on!! If you are one of those idiots pay attention because this is how you are supposed to bid...YOU DO NOT BID UNTIL THERE IS A FEW MINUTES LEFT. THAT WAY YOU FUCKING MORON, YOU DON'T PAY AS MUCH FOR THE DAMN ITEM!!

Who remembers the idiot from here who sidled in on me and bid with 4 days left on that Jiffy Park shirt a ridiculously high number. Then he didn't even pay!! Mad I can't take these idiots anymore!!

Just today there was a beautiful vintage Tiffany's watch that I found. No one should have bid on it until today, the day it's being sold. However look at this. Just look at this shit!!

User ID Bid Amount Date of bid

snijh77 ( 1 ) GBP 122.00 Nov-09-05 05:28:13 PST

4kenan ( 192) GBP 120.00 Nov-09-05 10:28:39 PST

4kenan ( 192) GBP 110.00 Nov-09-05 10:28:26 PST

4kenan ( 192) GBP 100.00 Nov-09-05 10:28:12 PST

ue-k ( 290) GBP 95.00 Nov-09-05 08:15:20 PST

ue-k ( 290) GBP 90.00 Nov-09-05 08:14:54 PST

ue-k ( 290) GBP 85.00 Nov-09-05 08:14:32 PST

snijh77 ( 1 ) GBP 75.00 Nov-09-05 05:18:40 PST

ue-k ( 290) GBP 75.00 Nov-09-05 08:14:09 PST

gary9823 ( 4 ) GBP 66.00 Nov-08-05 20:19:16 PST

snijh77 ( 1 ) GBP 60.00 Nov-06-05 08:19:25 PST

gary9823 ( 4 ) GBP 60.00 Nov-08-05 20:18:58 PST

wadith ( 197) GBP 55.89 Nov-03-05 14:25:22 PST

snijh77 ( 1 ) GBP 50.00 Nov-06-05 08:19:14 PST

gary9823 ( 4 ) GBP 44.00 Nov-06-05 03:26:52 PST

gary9823 ( 4 ) GBP 42.00 Nov-06-05 03:26:35 PST

hj-r1964 ( 1 ) GBP 40.00 Nov-04-05 18:00:42 PST

sis1mnf ( 150) GBP 28.00 Nov-03-05 23:25:53 PST

macydelongchamp ( 513) GBP 25.01 Oct-31-05 12:12:44 PST

var50 ( 41) GBP 22.00 Oct-31-05 16:47:07 PST

var50 ( 41) GBP 15.00 Oct-31-05 16:46:53 PST

sweetjamesha ( 51) GBP 10.00 Oct-31-05 14:10:48 PST

sweetjamesha ( 51) GBP 5.00 Oct-31-05 14:10:40 PST

sweetjamesha ( 51) GBP 1.04 Oct-31-05 14:10:32 PST


I should just swoop in with 5 seconds left and buy it anyway just to irritate everyone.

I have begun punishing people. It is risky but it has worked and hasn't come back to bite me yet. When there is less than 10 minutes left, I bid a higher amount. The fool on the other end panics and bids a higher amount. I then bid a ridiculously high amount.

Caught up in the moment the idiot keeps increasing his bids until he finally surpasses me. At that point I drop out and send him an email laughing at him and explaining what I've just done. I've done this about five times and I had one guy spend over 70 dollars more than his final bid. I didn't even want the thing. I still mail him laughing at him.

So to all of those who should have been no more than a semen stain on a sheet, keep on bidding and I'll be waiting.

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