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are there any other seinfeld websites as good as yours?

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PostPosted: January 25, 2004 2:55 AM 

Are there any other seinfeld websites as good as yours?

lovin' every minute of it
Magnificent Bastard

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PostPosted: January 26, 2004 9:16 AM 

There are others but this one is the best in my opinion.

J. Chiles

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PostPosted: January 26, 2004 3:50 PM 

Coming to this website and looking for another, better Seinfeld website is somewhat analogous to when George says, "Let me tell you something. No one goes into the beauty parlor and asks for the Larry Fine."

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: December 19, 2004 12:32 PM 

I like to think I have a pretty good Seinfeld web site.

No bells or whistles, just tons of info about the show.

Bubble Boy

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PostPosted: December 19, 2004 5:17 PM 

Sure, you're site has lots of info and stuff, but I already know all those things. This, has a forum, much more entertaining.

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: December 20, 2004 4:20 PM 

in my opinion, the best seinfeld site is, but the best seinfeld community is HERE!!

Wealthy Industrialist

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PostPosted: December 20, 2004 7:57 PM 

Why go to a fine restaurant, when you can just stick something in the microwave? Why go to the park and fly a kite, when you can just pop a pill?

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: December 20, 2004 8:24 PM 

i have found another one that is not as big as this one but it has some extras stan does not have.

Stan The Caddy

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PostPosted: December 20, 2004 10:32 PM 

Yes, there are some other good Seinfeld sites out there.

My goal has always been to make this site the biggest and best seinfeld fan site on the web.

And I am always open to suggestions for new features... Smile

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