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Arnold Deensfrei

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lovin' every minute of it

PostPosted: December 24, 2003 08:17 AM 

In The Jimmy Read the script of The Jimmy Download the full epiosde video of The Jimmy Discuss The Jimmy he invites Kramer to the AMCA benefit as a guest of honor after mistaken Kramer for a mentally challenged person.

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PostPosted: March 2, 2004 03:29 PM 

- Deensfrei: My name is Arnold Deensfrei. What is your name?
- kramer: Cosmo Kjamuh. Nice to mjeet youhh
- Deensfrei: Very nice to meet you Cosmo. Are you heading home?
- kramer: Yeahh, headin' hhooome.
- Deensfrei: Good for you. You are really independant!
- kramer: eaheumm ... You are njot dooin' too bad yourselphf...

pure gold!! Cool

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