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PostPosted: December 25, 2004 1:21 AM 

To all the people who think you're all that & a bag of chips..."You're going down!" Twisted Evil I don't like you, I don't need you & I can take you down with both arms tied behind my back.

To all child molesters..."You're toast!" A bullet or 2 & a vacant field is all you're gonna get this Festivus.

To those who hurt me in '04..."Be gone before '05!" I ain't got time for you. You're but a weed in my lawn of life, easily pulled out.

There's plenty more, but my Festivus pole is now overflowing. Maybe next year I should get 2? Razz


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PostPosted: December 25, 2004 12:43 PM 

Me and some friends actually had a festivus it was great!

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