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PostPosted: January 27, 2005 5:58 PM 

Thank you , good to be back here. Because of the Desperado episode, any time I listen to the Eagles, I can't help but think of Seinfeld. I've assigned each character a theme song:

Elaine - Witchy Woman (obviously)
Jerry - Desperado
Kramer - Wasted Time, Life in the Fast Lane
George - Lyin' Eyes

And others...
Newman - One of These Nights
Frank Costanza - Peaceful Easy Feeling
Babu - The Sad Cafe
Peterman - Hotel California

Puddy - Take it Easy
Crazy Joe Divola - Heartache Tonight
Bania - Tequila Sunrise
Jimmy - New Kid in Town
Susan - Victim of Love

Some are more of a stretch than others. Your thoughts?

cousin jeffrey
Vile Weed

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PostPosted: January 27, 2005 6:06 PM 

it's enough already with the Eagles.

Master of my Domain

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PostPosted: January 27, 2005 6:09 PM 

You don't like the Eagles? I thought we could go with the Eagles as a central theme here, and maybe make another post with songs by other artists.

Thought of another:
Jean Paul - The Long Run

cousin jeffrey
Vile Weed

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PostPosted: January 27, 2005 6:40 PM 

nothing wrong with the Eagles, but come on, be reasonable. two, maybe three songs is ok. but you got to mix it up a bit. and frankly, i think this is a pretty useless topic. But let's see...
Newman - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Cedric and Bob - Gangsta's Paradise
Marla - Like a Virgin

Condo Board President

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PostPosted: January 27, 2005 6:51 PM 

Mickey--Short People
Leapin' Larry--Walk This Way

Master of my Domain

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PostPosted: January 29, 2005 1:31 AM 

Alright, let's try this with Springsteen:

Jerry - The Promised Land, Jungleland, The Ties that Bind

Elaine - Dancing in the Dark, Hungry Heart

George - Darkness on the Edge of Town, I'm Going Down, Downbound Train, Independence Day, One Step Up (Two steps Back)

Kramer - Badlands, It's Hard to be a Saint in the City, The River, Blinded by the Light

Jean Paul - Born to Run

The Virgin - Rosalita (Come out Tonight)

Morty Seinfeld - Cadillac Ranch, Pink Cadillac

Crazy Joe Divola - Tenth Avenue Freezeout

Keith Hernandez, Steinbrenner - Glory Days

Miss Rhode Island - Atlantic City

Frank Costanza - Born in the U.S.A., Adam Raised a Cain

The Got no Green Lantern - Backstreets

Mel Torme - New York Serenade

Sidra - Brilliant Disguise

Puddy - Point Blank

Eric the Clown - I'm on Fire

NBC Executives - 57 Channels and Nothin' On

Seinfeld and Duncan(The Race) - Racin' in the Street

Jerry, Kramer, and Newman- Blood Brothers

Yes, I spent entirely too much time on this.

Soddy Go Karts
Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: January 29, 2005 4:50 AM 

I am speechless

Master of my Domain

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PostPosted: January 29, 2005 1:44 PM 

You have no speech?

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: January 29, 2005 7:31 PM 

With so many good songs out there....why are you just thinking of songs from one artist? If you're going to do that, at least come up with a decent musician. (IMO)

Master of my Domain

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PostPosted: January 29, 2005 11:20 PM 

If the choices consisted of any song ever recorded it would be insanity. Besides, why have burgers when you can have steak?

Master of my Domain

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PostPosted: February 12, 2005 10:31 PM 

I read somehwere that Seinfeld is currently living in Billy Joel's old house so here we go:
Jerry - NY State of Mind, The Entertainer, My Life, Pressure

Elaine - She's Always a Woman, She's Got a Way

George - Movin' Out, We Didn't Start the Fire, Big Shot

Kramer - Say Goodbye to Hollywood, You May Be Right, An Innocent Man, River of Dreams,

Peterman - The Stranger

Puddy - It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

Bania - Don't Ask Me Why

Newman - I Go to Extremes

The Virgin - Only the Good Die Young

Poppy - Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Jerry's parents - Miami 2017

Sue Ellen Mishke - Uptown Girl

Noel(Pianist in "Pez Dispenser" - Piano Man, Baby Grand

The Sniffing Accountant - Captain Jack


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PostPosted: February 13, 2005 12:03 AM 

No, Scotty! I can't take this anymore... I can't! It's TOO... LONG! Quit posting your stupid lists, about the stupid songs, and just die already! DIE!!

cousin jeffrey
Vile Weed

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PostPosted: February 13, 2005 2:25 AM 

well, i wasn't going to say anything but don't do the songs anymore. it's enough with the songs. everyday with the songs, you're nuts with the songs.

Wealthy Industrialist

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PostPosted: February 14, 2005 11:16 AM 

I'll tell ya who sounds a little Desperado.

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