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Continued3b - PLEASE READ FIRST POST before replying

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J. Chiles

PostPosted: September 19, 2005 6:28 PM 

Tried this once because the latest posts in Volume 2 seem to be swirling in some sort of Bermuda Triangle-type abyss, But that didn't work, either. One last try, if it's worth that!

Jimmy says:
"Let's try something that we do a lot of anyway, but "taking it up a notch." Let's see how long we can reply to each other using "ONLY" quotes from the show, and see how far we can go... "like Thelma and Louise!" They don't have to be perfect, or exact, or even funny... just related to one another somehow, so that they make sense in relation to the previous post (starting with this one). We can change words (objects, names, pronouns, etc) but keep them obvious and as recognizable to the original as possible. Also, try to limit them to one character per post... not dialogue.

So, we're looking for the quotes. Gotta check to quotes. Love a good quote..."


I will begin.

..I'll take that as a yes....

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