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Affirmative Action

gs: Richard Lewis (Himself) Ted Harbert (Ted) Sofia Milos (Richard's Girlfriend) Karen Bankhead (Line Producer) Kevin Brewerton (Party Guest) Robert Cesario (Maitre d') Robert E. Collier (Party Guest) Donna Cooper (Dr. Grambs' Wife) Gina Jackson (Party Guest) Monica McKinley (Party Guest) William Mesnik (Pharmacist) Tyrone Alonzo Rouege (Party Guest) Rachel Smith (Party Guest) Kenneth W. Watts (Party Guest)

On his way to the drug store to fill a prescription for his wife's itchy skin condition, Larry meets with Richard Lewis, who insists that he and Cheryl come by for coffee after dinner so Larry can make up with Richard's girlfriend. The two then run into a black dermatologist friend of Richard's, whom Larry promptly offends with a tasteless affirmative-action joke. Shocked, Larry forgets to go to the drug store. Later, he loses Cheryl's prescription by giving it to a restaurant maitre 'd instead of a twenty-dollar bill. Now he's forced to try to get a new one from the dermatologist he insulted earlier.

b: 10-Dec-2000 pc: 109 w: Larry David d: Bryan Gordon

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