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Lewis Needs A Kidney

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PostPosted: December 11, 2006 11:26 PM 

I promise the following is 100% true:
At the beginning of season 5 (September 2005) a friend of mine was in need of a kidney. Myself and other individuals were tested for matching. I ended up donating my kidney. The paralells between my life and Larry's in season 5 were so uncanny it was scarry. Does anyone know how to contact LD or JG? Stan??? Can you help me?
-Dave The Kidney

Cecep Kusnadi

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PostPosted: April 18, 2007 1:01 AM 

I would like to sell one of my kidneys for 60,000 USD. My blood type is A+, so, according to the blood type chart, I can only proceed with a person which have the same blood type.
My total price is negotiable. 10,000 USD in advance for the green light via wire transfer. Green light means that I´m going to a place to meet you, do some medicine test and act. It's my job to make you confident on this by providing details of who I am and my real strong desire to go for the transplantation after this essential step.
If you are interested, write me an e-mail, only those of you who are serious about this. If you seem to be serious I will be happy to call you by phone for talking about the issue and proceed at a place of our convenience. I am 1.70cm tall, weight about 55 kilo. Female, my age is 35. I have always lived a healthy life, no smoking, drugs or drinking. I excercise up to 5 times a week, no illness what so ever in my life. I work as a webb consultant, singel mom. This is my way of changing direction in life for me and my son, in order to give my son a good education as well as a stronger economical situation. I live in Indonesia.

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