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1. The Pants Tent

gs: Kathy Griffin (Herself) Richard Lewis (Himself) Susie Essman (Susie) Robin Ruzan (Nancy) Sofia Milos (Sofia) Antoinette Spolar (Jennifer) Mina Kolb (Jeff's Mother) Louis Nye (Jeff's Father) Tucker Smallwood (Mama's Boy) Laurel Moglen (Hostess)

An innocent "bunch-up" in Larry's trousers gives rise to a misunderstanding with Cheryl's friend Nancy at the movies—where Larry also offends the new girlfriend of pal Richard Lewis. During a phone call to Jeff, Larry jokingly refers to his wife as "Hitler," not realizing he's on a speaker phone with Jeff's outraged parents listening in. Larry runs into more trouble when he gives his wife a bogus explanation as to why Jeff has left a message of apology on their answering machine—with comedienne Kathy Griffin unwittingly blowing his cover.

b: 15-Oct-2000 pc: 101 w: Larry David d: Robert B. Weide

NOTE: This is the first episode of the series: Curb Your Enthusiasm. This episode aired after the special performance by Larry David.

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2. Ted and Mary

Ted and Mary

gs: Ted Danson (Himself) Mary Steenburgen (Himself) Anne Haney (Mary's Mother) Tim Bagley (Shoe Salesman) Antoinette Spolar (Jennifer) Louis Mustillo (Bowling Employee) Joe Liss (Shoe Thief) Candy Ford (Saleswoman)

Larry and Cheryl's fun-filled double date with Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen ends badly at the bowling alley, when Larry discovers that someone has taken off with his shoes. The next day Mary calls, and a smitten Larry agrees to go shopping with the actress and her mom at Barney's, and even buys the same jacket that Mary is wearing. Neither Ted nor Cheryl seem amused. Believing that Ted and Mary have invited them to see a Paul Simon concert Saturday night, Larry and Cheryl are chagrined when their new friends never call, ruining their night. Larry thinks it's because he gagged after drinking Mary's mother's water by mistake. Meanwhile, Larry retrieves his shoes from the schmuck who pinched them, but gets into a fight with the shoe salesman who ordered him a new pair.

b: 22-Oct-2000 pc: 102 w: Larry David d: David Steinberg

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3. Porno Gil

gs: Bob Odenkirk (Gil)

By not picking up a golf ball that drops out of a bucket carried by a man in a tacky western hat, Larry sets off a bizarre chain of events in which he's forced to attend a party at the home of a porno businessman named Gil, getting lost with Cheryl along the way. The party ends up being a disaster, as Larry refuses to take off his shoes, breaks a lamp, loses his watch, is forced to do a dreaded "double goodbye." Meanwhile, Jeff is hospitalized for emergency bypass surgery and asks Larry to remove the secret porno stash at his home so his wife doesn't find it. While carrying out the favor, Larry discovers a familiar face on one of the video boxes.

b: 29-Oct-2000 pc: 103 w: Larry David d: Robert B. Weide

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4. The Bracelet

gs: Richard Lewis (Himself) Patrick Kerr (Blind Man) Perry Anzilotti (Restaurant Captain) Clement E. Blake (Homeless Man) Laura Fairchild (Restaurant Manager) Antoinette Spolar (Larry's Receptionist) Robert B. Weide (Man with Cellphone)

Cheryl and Larry get into a fight after she returns from a trip and he's too distracted by a game on TV to greet her properly. To make peace, Larry decides to buy her a bracelet at a jewelry store, but isn't allowed in because of his shabby clothes. After bribing a guy to use his cell phone, Larry calls pal Richard Lewis, who arrives to help--except that the store is now closed for lunch. The pair end up helping a blind man move into his apartment, the jewelry store closes for the night, and Richard ends up coveting the same bracelet that Larry wants to buy.

b: 05-Nov-2000 pc: 104 w: Larry David d: Robert B. Weide

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5. Interior Decorator

gs: Kris Mcgaha (Diane Keaton's assistant) Diane Keaton (Herself) Rose Abdoo (Interior Decorator) Jack Gallagher (Doctor) Karen Maruyama (Female Parking Attendant) Oscar Nunez (Male Parking Lot Attendant) Lisa Ann Walter (Nurse) Marissa Jaret Winokur (Woman in Elevator) Nia Vardalos (Lawyer)

Larry has some medical problems involving a certain bracelet. No biggy.By politely holding the elevator door for a woman in an office building, Larry ends up losing his place before her at the doctor's office, and is delayed 40 minutes. As a result, Larry ends up missing an important meeting with Diane Keaton. At home, Larry and Cheryl are visited by their interior decorator, who has Keaton's phone number but won't give it to Larry even though the actress called and left her number, which Larry couldn't decipher because of static. Thanks to Jeff, however, Larry is able to go to Keaton's house, where he runs into his decorator, gets into a fight, and breaks Diane's lamp—the same type that was in Porno Gil's pad.

b: 12-Nov-2000 pc: 105 w: Larry David d: Andy Ackerman

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6. The Wire

gs: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Herself) Brad Hall (Himself) Susie Essman (Susie Greene) Wayne Federman (Dean Weinstock) Lucy Webb (Phyliss Weinstock) Courtney Cronin (Jeff Greene's Assistant)

Hoping to bury an unsightly telephone wire dangling over their yard, Larry and Cheryl befriend a pair of bizarre neighbors who must approve the burial. The husband is an incompetent lawyer but a big Seinfeld fan, so to appease him Larry arranges to have Julia Louis-Dreyfuss come for a visit. But when the actress arrives, the lawyer is missing; he's been hired to defend Jeff in a case involving a destructive kid Jeff sponsored for a Fresh Air Fund camp. At Larry's house, Julia ends up buying a bracelet from the lawyer's wife -- the same kind Larry wanted in episode 4 -- only to later accuse Larry of stealing it after he buys a similar one for Cheryl.

b: 19-Nov-2000 pc: 106 w: Larry David d: Larry Charles

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gs: Michael G. Hagerty (Mike Duffy) Julie Welch (Kyla) Deborah Theaker (Stealing Caterer) Maggie Baird () Ken Ruff () Allison Heartinger () Pat Collins () Clement E. Blake (Homeless Man)

During a test-drive of Jeff's new "toy", a vintage '57 Chevy convertible, Larry mistakes the horn in an Aamco radio spot for that of an actual car idling behind him at a red light -- and ends up getting the car rammed. Later, hosting a dinner party catered by an unscrupulous woman who ends up stealing the leftovers, Larry meets Mike Duffy, an actual Aamco repairman, who agrees to fix Jeff's car. But Larry's good fortune is short-lived as he ends up alienating Mike by refusing to invite him to his house on Martha's Vineyard.

b: 26-Nov-2000 pc: 107 w: Larry David d: Robert B. Weide

NOTE: I wonder what Cheryl had to do if she lost a bet with Larry...

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8. Beloved Aunt

gs: Paul Dooley (Cheryl's Dad) Mina Kolb (Jeff's Mom) Louis Nye (Jeff's Dad) Craig Anton (Sister's Boyfriend) Regan Burns (Security Guard) Scott Butler (Man at Gas Station) Julie Claire (Sunglasses Saleswoman) Susie Essman (Susie Greene) Paul Goebel (Gas Station Attendant) Kaitlin Olson (Cheryl's Sister) Julie Payne (Cheryl's Mother)

At the funeral for Cheryl's aunt, Larry offers to use his connections to place an obituary in the newspaper. But when the paper comes out, the "a" in "aunt" has been inadvertently replaced with a "c", and Cheryl's family is convinced that Larry did it on purpose. Further incensed that Larry counseled Cheryl's sister's boyfriend to break off their relationship during the funeral, Cheryl throws Larry out of the house. Larry ends up staying for part of the night at Jeff's, but is thrown out after Jeff's mother accuses him of trying to cop a feel. He ends up begging for a room at the hotel where his sister-in-law's now-ex-boyfriend is staying, but ends up getting thrown out of the hotel as well. It's a good thing his car has reclining seats.

b: 03-Dec-2000 pc: 108 w: Larry David d: Robert B. Weide

NOTE: I just couldn't place the actual word used or I don't think I would be around for much longer.

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9. Affirmative Action

gs: Richard Lewis (Himself) Ted Harbert (Ted) Sofia Milos (Richard's Girlfriend) Karen Bankhead (Line Producer) Kevin Brewerton (Party Guest) Robert Cesario (Maitre d') Robert E. Collier (Party Guest) Donna Cooper (Dr. Grambs' Wife) Gina Jackson (Party Guest) Monica McKinley (Party Guest) William Mesnik (Pharmacist) Tyrone Alonzo Rouege (Party Guest) Rachel Smith (Party Guest) Kenneth W. Watts (Party Guest)

On his way to the drug store to fill a prescription for his wife's itchy skin condition, Larry meets with Richard Lewis, who insists that he and Cheryl come by for coffee after dinner so Larry can make up with Richard's girlfriend. The two then run into a black dermatologist friend of Richard's, whom Larry promptly offends with a tasteless affirmative-action joke. Shocked, Larry forgets to go to the drug store. Later, he loses Cheryl's prescription by giving it to a restaurant maitre 'd instead of a twenty-dollar bill. Now he's forced to try to get a new one from the dermatologist he insulted earlier.

b: 10-Dec-2000 pc: 109 w: Larry David d: Bryan Gordon

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10. The Group

gs: Laraine Newman (Wendy Prager) Allan Arbus (Uncle Nathan) Melanie Smith (Lucy Montone) Robin Ruzan (Nancy) Cynthia Szigeti (Incest Group Leader) Jane Edith Wilson (Incest Survivor)

Jeff knows the director of The Vagina Monologues, and suggests that Cheryl (a former actress) should replace an actress who's quitting the cast. Leaving his office, a grateful Cheryl and Larry run into one of Larry's old flames: Lucy Montone, a buxom actress who inspires Cheryl's jealousy.

b: 17-Dec-2000 pc: 110 w: Larry David d: Robert B. Weide

NOTE: Laraine Newman was part of "The Not Ready For Prime Time Players" on Saturday Night Live in 1975-1980.

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11. The Car Salesman

gs: Jason Alexander (Himself) Richard Lewis (Himself) Chip Chinery (Car Customer #1) Jeanne Chinn (Barbara Schneider) Affion Crockett (Car Customer #2) Rick Hall (Tom Clarke) Dana Lee (Car Customer #4) Cynthia Martells (Car Customer #7) Matt North (Jay Schneider) Steven Pierce (Male Customer) Shirley Prestia (Car Customer #3) Harper Roisman (Car Customer #6) Susan Segal (Real Estate Agent) Abby Wolf (Car Customer #5) Jim Zulevic (Worker)

Living out of a hotel (they were fed up with "the wire" at their old home), Larry and Cheryl make a successful bid on a seaside chateau owned by Jason Alexander's new agent, Jay Schneider. Moving in, however, they learn their new dream home has a disturbing "house sound" of unknown origin. Meanwhile, Larry shocks his wife and friends by deciding to take a job as a car salesman, but is foiled by when "high maintenance" friend Richard Lewis shows up at the dealership. And in (yet) another case of art imitating life, Larry and Jason Alexander contemplate making a new TV series about an actor who can't find work because he's typecast as a "jackass" character from a hit series.

b: 23-Sep-2001 pc: 201 d: Robert B. Weide

NOTE: Jason Alexander played George Costanza on David's previous show, Seinfeld.
This is the 2nd season premiere.

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12. Thor

gs: Jason Alexander (Himself) Susie Essman (Susie Greene) Wanda Sykes (Wanda) Mina Kolb (Jeff Greene's Mother) Louis Nye (Jeff Greene's Father) Jennifer Caldwell (Waitress) Dort Clarke (Passerby) Kyler Fisher (Thor Kid #3) Gita Isak (Passerby) Deron Michael McBee (Thor) Kenneth Schmidt (Thor Kid #1) Kevin Schmidt (Thor Kid #2)

Jeff leaves his wife Susie, and his concerns about his dirty laundry being aired in court filter down to Larry, who becomes obsessed with showing Cheryl how un-kinky he is. Instead, after one of their neighbors takes his casual greeting the wrong way, Cheryl mistakenly concludes that Larry has an ass fetish. Meanwhile, Larry seeks revenge on pro wrestler Thor Olson, who he's convinced slashed his tire following an argument on the road, and recruits Jeff to redress the wrong in return for Larry's delivering Jeff's clothes to the hotel. Larry decides to meet with Jason Alexander about their new show, but the two end up getting into an argument about where to hold their meetings.

b: 30-Sep-2001 pc: 2-02 d: Robert B. Weide

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13. Trick or Treat

gs: Christopher Thornton (Cliff Cobb) Holly Wortell (Shelley Cobb) Danny Breen (Donald) Randy Brion (Conductor) Rachel Crane (Girl #2) Stephen Kearin (Waiter) Zane Lasky (Anti-Wagnerite) Reggie McFadden (Police Officer #2) Kimi Reichenberg (Girl #1) Steve Skrovan (Police Officer #1) Antoinette Spolar (Larry's Receptionist) Diane Alan Craig (Musician) Matrio DeLeon (Musician) Matt Funes (Musician) Paul Klintworth (Musician) Loren Marsteller (Musician) Michelle Richards (Musician) Rudy Stein (Musician) David Stone (Musician) David Wailes (Musician)

When Larry and Cheryl attend the premiere of a movie written by a handicapped friend, Cliff Cobb, Larry offends a Jewish neighbor, alienates Cliff (as well as the memory of his salad-inventing grandfather) and sends misguided romantic overtures to Cliff's wife, Shelly. Later, the Davids experience the "trick" side of Halloween when Larry refuses to give candy to two uncostumed teenagers. Having failed to get a bracelet for his wife on her birthday, Larry makes amends with the perfect gift on a romantic morning, but then Jeff arrives to play a round of golf. In the end, Larry gets revenge on a jewish neighbor and his teenage daughters, by arriving at his home with the orchestra that he used for Cheryl's birthday, as they played the tune that offended this neighbor.

b: 07-Oct-2001 pc: 2-03 d: Larry Charles

NOTE: This was one of four episodes submitted to Emmy voters.
This episode was directed by Larry Charles, a former writer for Seinfeld, David's first show.

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14. The Shrimp Incident

gs: Brad Hall (Himself) Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Herself) Allan Wasserman (Himself) Frances Collier (Social Worker) Jane Carr (Fran Metzgar) JoJo D'Amore (JoJo) Laura Fairchild (HBO Assistant) Emily Kuroda (Restaurant Employee) Ming Lo (Restaurant Manager) Thea Mann (Melissa Halbreich) Andi Masterson (Dentist's Wife) David Morehead (Mickey) Sam Pancake (Michael Halbreich) Judy Toll (HBO Executive)

Larry suspects that HBO exec Allan Wasserman has lifted some shrimp out of his Chinese food following a take-out mix-up. Later, when he and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are pitching their new show to HBO, Larry just can't leave the subject of the shrimp alone. The situation isn't helped when Larry's labeled a misogynist after uttering the "c" word at a poker game. As if that's not enough, Wasserman learns from certain "eyewitnesses" that Larry beats his wife.

b: 14-Oct-2001 pc: 2-04 d: David Steinberg

NOTE: Julia Louise Dreyfus played Elaine Benes on David's previous show, Seinfeld. She is the second Seinfeld regular to appear on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Julia Louise Dreyfus and Brad Hall are married in real life.

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15. The Thong

gs: Rob Reiner (Himself) Richard Lewis (Himself) Tom McGowan (John Tyler) John Pleshette (Therapist) Mike Reynolds (Waiter) Raina Scott (Singer) Rachel Snow (Melanie Tyler) Robert B. Weide (Man Backstage)

Larry decides he can't continue seeing his shrink after seeing him wearing a thong bathing suit on the beach. Fellow patient Richard Lewis agrees, and the two plot ways to end their doctor/patient relationship. Meanwhile, Rob Reiner convinces Larry to participate in a celebrity auction to benefit Groat's Syndrome, but Larry ends up turning off the winning "lunch with Larry" bidder.

b: 21-Oct-2001 pc: 2-05 d: Jeff Garlin

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16. The Acupuncturist

gs: Edward Asner (Himself) Scott Adsit (Joel Reynolds) Aki Aleong (Restaurant Manager) Jackie Benoit (Funeral Guest) Doug Benson (Doug) Joey Daniels (Funeral Guest) Jay Evans (Delivery Person) Stuart Gold (Funeral Guest) Koji Kataoka (Waiter) Jeremy Kramer (Barry Weiner) Saki Miata (Acupuncturist's Wife) Michael Reese (Funeral Guest) Ruth Rudnick (Carol Weiner) Keone Young (Acupuncturist)

An acupuncturist agrees to waive his $5,000 fee if he can't cure Larry's back. Coincidentally, a down-on-his-luck writer asks Larry for a $5,000 loan, claiming he'll soon pay the loan off since his wealthy father is close to death. Later, at a not-so-surprise birthday party for the writer's wife, Larry manages to convince the father to cut his son out of his will, but the old man dies before the change is made. That doesn't mean Larry will get his $5,000 back, although he is forced to pay off his acupuncturist, even though his back isn't cured.

b: 28-Oct-2001 pc: 2-06 d: Bryan Gordon

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17. The Doll

gs: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Herself) Rita Wilson (Herself) Una Damon (ABC Executive) Susie Essman (Susie Greene) Jane Carr (Fran Metzgar) Merrin Dungey (Amy) Zach Grenier (Lane Michaelson) Ashley Holloway (Sammy Greene) Jones Lagunoff (Locksmith) Ator Tamras (Waitress) Bailey Thompson (Tara Michaelson)

Having successfully pitched his Julia Louis-Dreyfus project to ABC, Larry agrees to attend a pair of mini-series screenings at the network starting that night. The young daughter of ABC prexy Lane Michaelson is there, and promptly gets Larry to cut the hair off her beloved rare doll, throwing a fit when she learns that the hair won't grow back. To save face, Jeff and Larry steal the head off Jeff's daughter's doll, incurring the wrath of Jeff's estranged wife Susie. As the ordeal plays out, Larry must also contend with an unlockable bathroom and the call of nature.

b: 04-Nov-2001 pc: 2-07 d: Robert B. Weide

NOTE: This was one of four episodes submitted to Emmy voters.

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18. Shaq

gs: Shaquille O'Neal (Himself) Paul Dooley (Cheryl's Father) Mark DeCarlo (Mayo) Joel McKinnon Miller (Dr. Wiggins) Jay Johnston (Jeremy) Dan Kinsella (Bob) Brett Paesel (Jill) Julie Payne (Cheryl's Mother) Richard Lewis (Himself) Joseph Brown (Coffee Counter Person) Dort Clark (Splashed Man) Evette Dabney (Worker) Mark De Carlo (Albert Mayo) Shelley Desai (Janitor) Barry Diamond (Mental Patient) Angelo DiMascio, Jr. (Man in White Coat #1)

Larry is villainized for accidentally tripping Shaquille O'Neal at a Lakers game, but the incident ironically ends up bringing him good luck.

b: 11-Nov-2001 pc: 2-08 d: Dean Parisot

NOTE: This is one of four episodes submitted to Emmy voters.

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19. The Baptism

gs: Richard Lewis (Himself) Paul Dooley (Cheryl's Father) Mark Boone Jr. (Homeless Person) Kenneth Beck (Passenger) Ed Burke (Man in Car) Christopher Darga (Man in Airport #1) William Fairchild (Minister) David Feldman (Angry Jew) Wendy Kamenoff (Ticket Attendant) Hiram Kastner (Jewish Man) Kevin Kendrick (Gentile Man) Joy Kilpatrick (Attendant) Sharon Nakadate (Passenger) Kaitlin Olson (Cheryl's Sister) Rick Overton (Angry Gentile) Julie Payne (Cheryl's Mother) Linda Ruffer (Jewish Woman) Jimmie F. Skaggs (Man in Airport #2) Antoinette Spolar (Larry's Receptionist) Mitchell Whitfield (Sister's Fiancé)

Larry can't believe that the Jewish man who is marrying Cheryl's sister is converting to Christianity. Richard Lewis accused Larry of stealing the outgoing message of his answering machine, and Larry accuses several passengers of stealing his airline tickets.

b: 18-Nov-2001 pc: 2-09 d: Keith Truesdell

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20. The Massage

gs: Una Damon (ABC Executive) Julia Louise Dreyfus (Herself) Wanda Sykes (Wanda) Mike Binder (Himself) Nora Dunn (CBS Executive) Tom Booker (Limo Driver) Jane Carr (Fran Metzgar) Zach Grenier (Lane Michaelson) Amy Hill (Psychic) Burton Katz (Judge Katz) Eric Londa (Golfer) Michael Pace (Police Officer) Sam Pancake (Michael Halbriech) Steve Sheridan (Rick Crane) Judy Toll (HBO Executive) J. Keith Van Stratten (CBS Executive) Allan Wasserman (HBO Executive) Kathleen York (Masseuse)

Cheryl's psychic busts Larry for a naughty massage, and a restaurant owner busts Larry for stealing forks.

b: 25-Nov-2001 pc: 2-10 d: Robert B. Weide

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21. Chet's Shirt

gs: Ted Danson (Himself) Michael York (Himself) Jill Danson (Herself)

Larry and Jeff invest in a restaurant with actor Ted Danson. In lieu of attending his dentist's dinner party, Larry decides to shop for waiters' uniforms, and in the process buys matching shirts for Ted and himself. But after Danson realizes his shirt has a small rip in it, he demotes Larry in The Wizard of Oz scene they're re-enacting for his daughter's birthday party (Larry refuses to switch from the Lion to the Tin Man). At the party, little Jill Danson misses the piñata and hits Larry in the mouth with her bat. Following an emergency visit to his dentist (who learned why Larry had skipped the dinner party), Larry is left with two abnormally large front teeth and one clean shirt that both he and Ted covet.

b: 15-Sep-2002 pc: 3-01 w: Larry David d: Robert B. Weide

NOTE: This is the third season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Who knows what hijinx Larry will get himself into..

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22. The Benadryl Brownie

gs: Richard Lewis (Himself) Robin McDonald (Deborah) Wanda Sykes (Wanda) Susie Essman (Susie Green) Joan Rivers (Herself)

Nearly five years after the rest of the world, Larry discovers cell phones. Using his new toy, he calls Cheryl and asks her to tell Randy, the chef at Larry's new restaurant, to omit peanuts from the dinner that night because Richard Lewis's girlfriend Deborah is allergic to them. But bad phone reception prevents Cheryl from hearing the message, and Deborah gets sick. A practicing Christian Scientist, Deborah refuses to take medicine to clear up the hives on her face. Richard will not be seen with her at the Emmy Awards that night, so he and Larry concoct a plan to bake a batch of Benadryl-laced brownies for Deborah to eat. The ruse fails, and that night on national TV, the Davids see Joan Rivers lambasting Richard and his none-too-attractive date on the red carpet.

b: 22-Sep-2002 pc: 3-02 w: Larry David d: Larry Charles

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23. Club Soda and Salt

gs: Ted Danson (Himself) Tim Kazurinsky (Hugh Mellon)

Dismayed in part over the peanut incident, Randy quits his job at the restaurant, and Larry, Jeff and Ted must search for a new chef. Ted suggests they audition his personal chef, but at dinner Larry feels the food "just wasn't that good" and rejects the candidate. Meanwhile, Larry accuses his wife Cheryl of having a crush on a tennis-playing cast member of "Tony & Tina's Wedding"; a couple refuse Larry's wedding gift because it's more than a year late; and a saleswoman becomes convinced that Larry is stalking her as revenge for her being too aggressive.

b: 29-Sep-2002 pc: 3-03 d: Robert Weide

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24. The Nanny From Hell

gs: Michael York (Himself) Richard Lewis (Himself) Cheri Oteri (Martine) Tim Kazurinsky (Hugh Mellon) Susie Essman (Susie)

Larry, Cheryl, Jeff and Susie encounter a "nanny from hell" whose reign of terror is thwarted by ten sponge cakes. Larry commits a "penis faux pas" after a pool party, and Richard Lewis seeks immortality from Bartlett's Quotations.

b: 06-Oct-2002 pc: 3-04 d: Larry Charles

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25. The Terrorist Attack

gs: Amy Aquino (Susan Orr Braudy) Alanis Morissette (Herself) Martin Short (Himself) Paul Reiser (Himself) Don Stark (Don Braudy) Wanda Sykes (Wanda) Linda Bates (Mindy Reiser)

A rumored threat of a terrorist attack undermines a benefit performance by Alanis Morissette at the home of one of Larry's friends. Meanwhile, Larry can't help snubbing Mindy Reiser, wife of actor Paul Reiser, during a series of encounters at a restaurant and the perfume shop where she works.

b: 13-Oct-2002 pc: 3-05 d: Robert Weide

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26. The Special Section

gs: Martin Scorsese (Himself) Richard Lewis (Himself) Shelley Berman (Nat David) Richard King (Cousin Andy)

Larry's mother dies while he's shooting a film in New York City, but he doesn't find out until he returns to Los Angeles two days after the funeral. Once he's past the initial shock, Larry uses his loss as an excuse to avoid a number of unsavory invitations. Meanwhile, Richard Lewis accuses Larry of taking back his meditation mantra, and Larry plots to relocate his mother's body at the cemetery.

b: 20-Oct-2002 pc: 3-06 d: Bryan Gordon

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27. The Corpse-Sniffing Dog

gs: Ted Danson (Himself) Michael York (Himself) Susie Essman (Susie Greene) Amy Aquino (Susan Braudy) Lou DiMaggio (Investor) Kate Flannery (Cop #2) Ian Gomez (Bald Chef) Joey Hiott (Braudy's Son #1) Ashly Holloway (Sammy Greene) Bret Loehr (Braudy's Son #2) Leonardo Millan (Detective) Suzy Nakamura (Assistant Manager) Mark Rolston (Contractor) Jim Staahl (Restaurant Manager) Don Stark (Stu Braudy) Charles Wright (Cop #1)

Over a makeup dinner with the Braudys, Larry openly ponders the question, "When a husband pays the check, do you have to also thank the wife?" Meanwhile, Jeff's return home is ruined by his allergy to the family's corpse-sniffing German Shepherd—but his daughter Sammy refuses to give away the dog. Concerned about his agent's welfare, Larry figures out an ingenious way to give the pooch to the Braudys, who are looking for just such a dog.

b: 27-Oct-2002 pc: 3-07 d: Andy Ackerman

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28. Crazy Eyez Killa

gs: Wanda Sykes (Wanda) Chris Williams (Krazee-Eyez Killa) Susie Essman (Susie) Martin Scorsese (Himself) Al Fann (Wanda's Dad) Lynn Hamilton (Wanda's Mom) Caroline Aaron (Barbara) Guido Grasso Jr (Bar Gangster #1) Windy Morgan (Wardrobe Woman) George Pesce (Bar Gangster #2) Joseph Reidy (Assistant Director) Jason Sklar (Salesman)

Larry is accused of betraying the confidences of Wanda's boyfriend, Krazee-Eyez Killa, a rapper he met at a party. Later, Larry alienates Jeff's wife Susie by declining her house-tour offer. He encounters further problems when he tries to replace a sports jacket Cheryl threw out.

b: 03-Nov-2002 pc: 3-08 d: Robert B. Weide

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29. Mary Joesph and Larry

gs: Paul Dooley (Cheryl's Dad) Susie Essman (Susie Greene) John Capes (Wiseman #2) Gary Carlos Cervantes (Gardener) Jack Gallagher (Doctor) Ashly Holloway (Sammy Greene) David Koechner (Joseph) Christopher Kriess (Club Member) Carlos Lacamara (Waiter) Paul Lieber (Wiseman #1) Kaitlin Olson (Becky) Dyana Ortelli (Dora) Julie Payne (Cheryl's Mom) Alexandra Wilson (Mary)

Larry proves himself an unskilled Christmas tipper, while both Larry and Jeff prove incompetent at creating believable alibis for the messes they get in. After offending his housekeeper, Larry makes amends with her at the expense of his wife. Later, Larry attempts to reconcile with Cheryl's family after ruining their nativity scene.

b: 10-Nov-2002 pc: 3-09 d: David Steinberg

NOTE: Larry repeats his "using the 'tu' form" bit from his original stand-up special that spawned the show

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30. The Grand Opening

gs: Michael York (Himself) Richard Lewis (Himself) Shelley Berman (Nat David) Paul Sand (Guy Bernier) Paul Dooley (Cheryl's Dad) Susie Essman (Susie Greene) Mina Kolb (Jeff's Mom) Louis Nye (Jeff's Dad) Paul Willson (Andy Portico) Caroline Aaron (Barbara) Ann Allen (Female Dodgeball Player) Jennifer Courtney (Andy's Assistant) Shelley Desai (Chuck) Lou DiMaggio (Investor) Ben Falcone (Clerk #1) Ian Gomez (Bald Chef) June Kyoto Lu (Car Wash Cashier) Suzy Nakamura (Assistant Manager) Kaitlin Olson (Becky) Dyana Ortelli (Dora) Adam Paul (Clerk #2) Julie Payne (Cheryl's Mom) Antoinette Spolar (Antoinette) Jim Staahl (Manager)

Larry figures out a way to fire a chef, and alienate an important restaurant critic, in the days before his new restaurant is scheduled to open. As Susie stews over a misunderstanding with Larry and Cheryl, the Davids spend some quality time at the car wash. With its grand opening at hand, the restaurant owners hire a new chef with a penchant for speaking his mind.

b: 17-Nov-2002

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31. Mel's Offer

gs: Rachael Harris (Joanne) Mel Brooks (Himself) Ben Stiller (Himself) Christine Taylor (Herself) Paul Mazursky (Norm) Cady Huffman (Herself) Philip Baker Hall (The Doctor) Michael D'Amore (Dennis (wheelchair guy)) Lela Lee (Bobbi)

After going to a Karaoke bar that Mel Brooks is performing at, Mel is so impressed with Larry's singing that he asks Larry to be the star of his broadway show.

b: 04-Jan-2004 pc: 4-01 s: Larry David d: Larry Charles

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32. Ben's Birthday Party

gs: Ben Stiller (Himself)

Ben Stiller gets upset when Larry refuses to sing "Happy Birthday" to him. Larry then hits him in the eye with a toothpick.

b: 11-Jan-2004 pc: 4-02 w: Larry David d: Robert B. Weide

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33. The Blind Date

gs: Moon Unit Zappa (Muslim woman) Ben Stiller (Himself) Mel Brooks (Himself) Paul Mazursky (Norm) Christine Taylor (Herself) Cady Huffman (Herself) J.J. Boone (Woman at House) Judah Friedlander (Donald) Rudy Deluca (Rudy) Stanley DeSantis (Stanley) Rachael Harris (Joanne) Patrick Kerr (Michael) Joseph Rosenberg (Joe) Earl Schuman (Man at House) Brad Silverman (Brad) Gil Santoscoy (Egg Thrower) Anton Yelchin (Stewart) Moon Unit Zappa (Haboos) Susie Essman (Susie Greene)

Larry mends fences with Michael by setting him up on a blind date. Jeff admits to a sexual fantasy that peeves Larry; Ben Stiller delivers an ultimatum; and Larry levies a steep accusation against a group of mentally challenged workers.

b: 18-Jan-2004 pc: 4-03 w: Larry David d: Larry Charles

NOTE: Stanley DeSantis, Joseph Rosenberg, Brad Silverman all worked together previously in the movie I Am Sam.

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34. The Weatherman

Larry David has a huge problem with name tags. In the process Larry reveals a bathroom preference that disgusts Jeff. Ted Danson makes another great cameo.

b: 25-Jan-2004 pc: 4-04 w: Larry David d: Robert B. Weide

NOTE: Gary Kroeger (the dentist) worked with Larry David during the 1984-85 season of "Saturday Night Live."

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35. The 5 Wood

gs: David Schwimmer (Himself) Susie Essman (Susie Greene) Paul Mazursky (Norm) Bob Einstein (Marty Funkhouser) Saul Rubinek (Saul/Dr. Len Funkhouser) Patrick Bristow (Steve/Choreographer) Maria Canais (Hygienist/Delila) Lou Cutell (Leo Funkhouser) William Ragsdale (ER Doctor/Anthony)

A bag of cashews and rasins threatens Larry's working relationship with David Schwimmer; a dirty locker and a golf club threatens his club membership; Larry gets into a compromising situation with a dog.

b: 01-Feb-2004 pc: 4-05 w: Larry David d: Barry Gordon

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36. The Car Pool Lane

gs: Shelley Berman (Nat David) Bob Einstein (Marty Funkhouser) Kim Whitley (Monena) Ken Howard (Ken Abbot) James Sikking (Jim Remington) Jorge Garcia (Drug Dealer) Kyle T. Heffner (Lawyer) Rod McLachlan (Defense Attorney)

To get to a Dodgers game, Larry finds a creative way to use the HOV lane. Then, he finds himself in a bit of trouble when he gets his father medicinal marijuana.

b: 08-Feb-2004 pc: 4-06 w: Larry David d: Robert B. Weide

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37. The Surrogate

Episode to air 22-Feb-2004, 10:00 PM

b: 22-Feb-2004 pc: 4-07 w: Larry David d: Larry Charles

NOTE: Originally aired at 10:00 PM because of the hour long "Sex and the City" series finale.
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38. Wandering Bear

Episodes airs 29-Feb-2004

b: 29-Feb-2004 pc: 4-08

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39. The Survivor

Episode airs 07-Mar-2004, 10:00PM

b: 07-Mar-2004 pc: 4-09

NOTE: Originally aired at 10:00, its new timeslot.

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40. Untitled Season Finale

Season Finale airs 14-Mar-2004, 10PM

The show travels to New York City as Larry prepares to open on Broadway in "The Producers".

b: 14-Mar-2004 pc: 4-10

NOTE: Aired at 10:00
This is the 1st hour long episode since the series premiere, "Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm".

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