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Since Curb Your Enthusiasm is filmed without a script, there were never any scripts to begin with. I have searched the web looking for transcripts of the episodes without success. So I have decide to start a collaborative effort to transcribe the episodes. If you would like to volunteer to transcribe an episode, post a message in the forum. I will place your name below beside the episode you have chosen, to avoid duplication of effort. Extra points go to the first person to transcribe an episode!!

Season 1

1. The Pants Tent (being transcribed by p2dc)

2. Ted and Mary )Being transcribed by Dalit Levin)

3. Porno Gil (being transcribed by J.R.)

4. The Bracelet (being transcribed by lessthanjake)

5. Interior Decorator

6. The Wire

7. Aamco

8. Beloved Aunt (being transcribed by SeinfeldsVan)

9. Affirmative Action (being transcribed by Brownstem)

10. The Group (being transcribed by Fran White)

Season 2

11. The Car Salesman (being transcribed by Mathias)

12. Thor (being transcribed by Austin E)

13. Trick or Treat (being transcribed by Ronald)

14. The Shrimp Incident

15. The Thong

16. The Acupuncturist

17. The Doll

18. Shaq

19. The Baptism

20. The Massage

Season 3

21. Chet's Shirt (being transcribed by Derek P. Rucas)

22. The Benadryl Brownie

23. Club Soda and Salt

24. The Nanny from Hell

25. The Terrorist Attack

26. The Special Section

27. The Corpse-Sniffing Dog

28. Krazee-Eyez Killa

29. Mary, Joesph, and Larry

30. The Grand Opening (being transcribed by Dave Chudak)

Season 4

31. Mel's Offer

32. Ben's Birthday Party (being transcribed by Daniel4389)

33. The Blind Date

34. The Weatherman

35. The 5 Wood

36. The Car Pool Lane (being transcribed by Amit V )

37. The Surrogate

38. Wandering Bear

39. The Survivor

40. Opening Night