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this is frank costanza

PostPosted: November 12, 2004 12:20 PM 

Something that can only come from the benefit of seeing tons of reruns, I have noticed a couple of tics, particularly in Larry David writing.

For one, no one I know uses a toaster to check their reflection. But in the C-word episode of CYE, Larry uses it for Jeff's mom to see her glasses. And Kramer uses one to check himself when he's been smoking and turns "hideous".

And then there's George screaming "I know my alleys!" in the Marine Biologist, which is reminiscent of Larry yelling "I know my sources!" in the false erection episode of CYE.

OK, that last one may be a stretch but I'm trying here, people. There's gotta be more tics out there. Let's tic em off.


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