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PostPosted: October 17, 2004 1:05 PM 

I have been hanging out with some people, 2 of which are constantly Putting their hand in the air like a "claw" while holding their wrist. They say it is from a Seinfeld episode, but will not say what it is about - does anyone know?

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: October 17, 2004 3:41 PM 

Seems to be from the episode who's name I can't remember, but George was a hand model. They explained to him he had the nicest hands since some dude who loved his hand so much...It became like a claw from over-use....Be'cos, he was, um, not the master of his domain.

Wealthy Industrialist

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PostPosted: October 17, 2004 3:50 PM 

It could also be from The Checks Read the script of The Checks Download the full epiosde video of The Checks Discuss The Checks where Jerry develops super terrific carpal tunnel syndrome from signing all the checks.

Master of my Domain

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PostPosted: October 17, 2004 7:07 PM 

Claw you say? The only thing I can think of is when Kramer flashed the Van Bueren Boys their sign.

Assistant to the Traveling Secretary

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PostPosted: October 17, 2004 11:53 PM 

The episode where George is a hand model is "The Puffy Shirt," episode 66.

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: October 18, 2004 1:12 AM 

FDR is right. Episode 66 "the Puffy Shirt"

Ray McKigney....Tragic story, I'm afraid. He could've had any woman in the world, but none could match the beauty of his own hand and that became his one true love...he was not master of his domain....The muscles became so strained with overuse, that eventually the hand locked into a deformed position, and he was left with nothing but a claw.

Sorry Suzie, but it sounds like the people you are hanging out with my not be masters of their own domain.

The Puffy Shirt
Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: October 19, 2004 12:44 AM 

Putting a "claw" in the air and holding the wrist sounds more like that one Jim Carrey movie where he can't lie for the day. I think it was "Liar Liar" or something like that--Carrey's character did 'the claw' while playing around with his son.
If from Seinfeld, it could be the Man Hands episode or The Puffy Shirt.


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PostPosted: October 19, 2004 5:57 AM 

Suzie, one of two things... either your friends are BS'ing you, or they don't pay enough attention to Seinfeld to reenact things correctly, because there's nobody, in any Seinfeld episode, who has ever held their own "clawed" hand by the wrist. PERIOD... end of story! They probably think Kerry's a flip-flopper too! Get rid of them!

Joe S.
Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: October 19, 2004 8:49 PM 

It was Uncle Leo, the excuse that he would use if he was ever caught while stealing a book. Jerry saw Uncle Leo steal a book in the bookstore; Leo's excuse was "I'm an old man... I don't remember..." (words to that effect). He motioned, claw-like, while saying this to Jerry.

Bad Breaker Upper

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PostPosted: October 19, 2004 10:08 PM 

Gimme a break.

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