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PostPosted: August 21, 2005 2:01 PM 

- Those are scenes from different episodes with Kramer, posted on rapidshare.
- Created by Ukraine GT 2005 ***Giddy-up***

Kramer in Seinfeld 8x14 The Van Buren Boys.wmv

...KRAMER: Alright, so there I am at Lorenzo's - loading up my slice of the fixin's bar.. garlic, (imitates the shaking of garlic onto a pizza) and what-not.. mmm,

mmm.. and I see this guy over at the pizza boxes giving me the stink-eye. (Imitates the 'stink-eye') So I give hime the crook-eye back, (Imitates the 'crook-eye') you

know.. Then, I notice that he's not alone! I'm taking on the entire Van Buren Boys!...

Kramer in Seinfeld 06x21 The Fusilli Jerry.wmv

...Kramer: Yeah, I know, but I can't drive anybody anywhere until I go down to
the motor vehicle bureau and get my new plates.
George: Well, giddy-up!
[At the motor vehicle bureau...]
Kramer: Yeah, I'm here to pick up my new plates. My name is Kramer. Cosmo
Clerk: Kramer.... [checks computer] All right...
Kramer: All righty...
Clerk: Sign right here, please. [hands over clipboard]
Kramer: [signs it] Okay. [The clerk hands him a manila envelope]. Thanks.
[opens up the envelope] Assman? Oh, no, these don't belong to me. I'm
not the Assman. I think there's been a mistake...

Kramer in Seinfeld 9x07 The Slicer.wmv

...Kramer: This hallway smells like potatoes.
Elaine: I know, I know, this is it. [points to a door.]
Kramer: Ok, oh, you see this socket it's probably connected to her apartment. So what we'll do, we'll take this paper clip and bend it so it'll short out the entire circuit. Here you go...
Elaine: I think I'll let you do it.
Kramer: No no no. It's easy, you it quickly.
Elaine: No, I really don't want to.
Kramer: Well, I don't want to either...

Kramer in Seinfeld 7x17 The Doll.wmv

...[Setting: George's old bedroom]
(The room is remodeled into a billiard room. The pool table is obviously way too big for the room. Frank and Kramer are chalking up their sticks)
KRAMER: So, what's your game? What do you like to play?
FRANK: Eight ball.
KRAMER: No, nothing doing. Let's, you and me, play a game of straight pool.. hmm?
FRANK: You like to gamble, Cosmo?
KRAMER: Yeah, now and then - you know how it is..
FRANK: Five dollars a game, huh?
KRAMER: I'll break...

Kramer in Seinfeld 7x04 The Wink.wmv

...KRAMER: Hello Archie, Veronica, Mr. Weatherbee. . . . Is this Don Matingly's signature?
KRAMER: And Buck Showalter's?
GEORGE: It's an inter-office envelope. It get passed around all over the office.
KRAMER: Um, can I show this to my buddy Stubbs . He runs a sports memorabilia store. He pays top dollar for pro autographs.
GEORGE: Yeah, like I'm going to risk my job with the New York Yankees to make a few extra bucks. (winks)
KRAMER: No, of course not. (winks back)...

Kramer in Seinfeld 7x03 The Maestro.wmv

...[Setting: Jackie Child's Office]
(Kramer is sitting across from Jackie)
KRAMER: So ya know, my friend and I we were going to the movies and we stopped off
and bought this cafe latte.
JACKIE: (Agreeing) Hm Hm. Oh what is that like Italian coffee?
KRAMER: Yeah that's right.
JACKIE: Half milk, half coffee?
JACKIE: Hm Hm. You take a sip?
KRAMER: Yes I did.
JACKIE: Now when you took a sip, did you notice it was hot? Were you able to sip
it in your normal fashion?
KRAMER: No I wasn't able to sip it in my normal fashion.
JACKIE: Hm Hm. All right, all right...

Kramer in Seinfeld 7x02 The Postponement.wmv

...[Kramer enters]
Kramer: Hey, hey.
George: March 21st. Hey! So, you're gonna back me on this, right?
Jerry: Oh, all the way.
George: You are a good friend. You know what? Even if you killed somebody I wouldn't turn you in.
Jerry: Is that so?
Jerry: Hey, Kramer if I killed somebody would you turn me in?
Kramer: Definitely.
Jerry: You're kidding?
Kramer: No, no, I would turn you in.
Jerry: You would turn me in?
Kramer: Phwap, I wouldn't even think about it...

Kramer in Seinfeld 7x19 The Wig Master.wmv

...Kramer: "Heeeeeummmrph.... I'm gonna turn in"
Jerry: "Turn in?"
Kramer: "Yeah,I had a tough day"
Jerry: "It's only nine o clock."
Kramer: "Well ..I don't argue with the body Jerry. It's an argument you can't win."
Jerry: "I can't go to sleep at nine o clock!"
Kramer: "Well you can go to your room and read."
Jerry: "Hey look ,you know, you're the one who's locked out. I'm letting you stay here.
You're wearing my bathrobe. You should adapt to me."
Kramer: "But I'm tired.."
Jerry: "Oh why don't you go sleep over at Newman's."
Kramer: "Aah! He's got a girl up there. This quilt is too thin...I know I'm gonna get cold.
I don't even fit on this couch. Don't even know if I'm gonna sleep...."
Jerry: "Well that's all I got."
Kramer: "Can I sleep with you?"
Jerry: "Huh?"
Kramer: "Well you got that big comfortable bed and that nice warm quilt."...

Kramer in Seinfeld 9x19 The Maid.wmv

...KRAMER: I think it's over. We had a big fight, she threw me out, I started walkin', and now I'm lost downtown! I don't have any money. I don't recognize anybody. I miss home,
and I don't even know how to get there.
JERRY: What's around you?
KRAMER: I'm lookin' at Ray's Pizza. You know where that is?
JERRY: Is it Famous Ray's?
KRAMER: No. It's Original Ray's.
JERRY: Famous Original Ray's?
KRAMER: It's just Original, Jerry!
JERRY: Well, what street are you on?
KRAMER: Hey, I'm on first and first. How can the same street intersect with itself? I must be at the nexus of the universe...


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