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Joe Pajaree

PostPosted: December 17, 2004 7:51 AM 

Here is some information on that most celebrated holiday Festivus;

1. Who invented Festivus?

Frank Costanza.

2. What is the reason Frank invented Festivus?

Frank "invented" Festivus after getting into a fight in a toy store when he
and another man both grabbed for the last doll. (Frank wanted to buy a doll
for George. Go figure.) Anyway, he decided that commercialization ruined Christmas
and he would now celebrate Festivus. A Festivus - for the rest of us.

3. When does Festivus take place?

December 23rd.

4. What's with that wrestling thing?

One of the traditions of Festivus is the Feats of Strength, where two of the
celebrants muct engage in a contest of some sort to determine which is stronger.

5. What is the pole made out of? How big is it? Was it passed around or mounted
or what is the deal?

The undecorated aluminum pole represented the non-commercial nature of the holiday.
No tinsel, no ornaments. It appeared to be approximately 8 or 9 feet tall and was
probably placed in a corner of the living room, much like a Christmas tree.

6. What about the insults?

That's another Festivous tradition, "The Airing of Grievances". Before commencing
Festivus dinner, you go around the table telling each other participant about all of
the ways they have disappointed you throughout the year.

7. What does the Festivus meal consist of?

Although it wasn't specifically mentioned, the plate Estelle brought into the dining
room appeared to be spaghetti OR meatloaf, either topped with red sauce. (Open
to interpretation)

8. Who can celebrate Festivus?

Anyone at all. It's nondenominational. The practical answer, however, is that only
Seinfeld fans can *truly* celebrate Festivus.

9. Any other elements which I may not have inquired about would be
greatly appreciated!

Well, I think we've just about covered it. Oh, except for the occasional
'Festivus miracle' that's been known to happen.

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