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cousin jeffrey

PostPosted: September 22, 2005 11:45 PM 

Ok, this is long, so we ask that you please bare with us:

I've noticed that many people these days are not very confident that the thread that they've created will go very far. Every thread starts out the same way: This thread might sink to the bottom never to be seen again, but it's worth a shot.

Have a little HOPE!!! Even if you have your doubts, a strong leader doesn't let it show. The people don't know what they like, they're told what they like. If you refrain from suggesting that a silly President's fruit name might be a tad redicurous, it might have a better shot at making the cut. If you don't let on that even you think that a continuous movie quote or music lyric game won't fly, it might get a lot more consideration. Well, i'm not saying those are facts, i'm just guessing.

Whether any of these threads were popular or not is not the issue. I'm just saying, we all pretty much know each other....if a thread doesn't fly, we (at least I) don't think any less of the creator. You know why?....Because you're good're strong enough....and doggonnit people like you!

note: my intention is not to call out Gendison, or Denim, or Jackie on not being more assertive. I'm sure all of you weren't even thinking much of it when you wrote it. This is just a sort of jumping point into a much more interesting conversation about the many things people subconsciously do when in a group dynamic. It's like a natural reaction that people have that stems from a fear of rejection and being "the odd one out".

Why did this point suddenly jump at me? Well, i'm currently a student and one of my courses revolves around a group project and how to be part of a successful team. And it gets pretty frustrating because we spend like 3 hours doing something that should only take 20 minutes because everybody in the group becomes very reluctant to bring forth new ideas or state their opinion for fear that not everyone will agree. And i'm guilty of the same thing (but with all objectiveness, i'm not as guilty as the other members of my team). And i'm going to make an effort to change not only myself, but the other members of my team.

(Jackie saying to Gack): Boy, we really got to get that cousin jeffrey a psychiatrist.

I'd like to hear from Jackie, Gendison and DV. Was it something that didn't even cross your mind when you wrote it or was it a conscious decision? Now that I brought it up, do you think there was something to it, or is it still insignificant? I'm curious.

cousin jeffrey
Pimple Popper, MD

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PostPosted: September 22, 2005 11:45 PM 

BTW, they are all great, great threads if I may say so. Very entertaining. Never did I think to myself "Man, this shit is stupid."

cousin jeffrey
Pimple Popper, MD

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PostPosted: September 22, 2005 11:53 PM 

"Ok this is long so we ask that you please bear with us"

You see?!?!? Even I did it!!

cousin jeffrey
Pimple Popper, MD

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PostPosted: September 22, 2005 11:59 PM 

Although, it's a little different. It's not so much about the rejection of the thread and it's topic, but more about people not willing even read what the topic is. But it's still something i gotta work on.

(Wow, 4 posts in a row. I don't even need you guys. I can just have a forum by myself!)

Pensky Material

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PostPosted: September 23, 2005 7:13 AM 

This thread stinks. It probably won't go anywhere.

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