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How do YOU live with yourself?

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PostPosted: October 10, 2005 5:00 PM 

I was thinking and all of us at some point have had a George moment. I mean a completely dispicable act and or grandiose, twisted lie. What was your most dispicable social act and greatest lie ever? The great thing about this is that even if you lie about your greatest lie or make up something, it's still a classic George move. Lying about a lie. So let's get it on! Throwing myself into the fire I don't mind going first. This may not last long but it's a slow day at work.


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PostPosted: October 10, 2005 5:16 PM 

Dispicable Social Act

I had just gotten out of high school and went on a blind double date. A buddy of mine who was still in school said that two girls wanted to go out. So my other friend and I went along with him to pick them up. My buddy went into their house, met their father and the girls then came out. When they sat in my car I realized we were in big trouble. They were obscenely homely. My other friend and I refused to spend a night with them. What happened next was horrible.
We drove to the theater, told them to get out and go get the tickets while we parked. As soon as they were out of sight we left them there. They kept calling my buddy and he did not pick up. The next day at school they were furious and demanded an explanation. Their father had to come get them and swore he would kill us. My buddy then told them that my mom had fallen down the stairs and we had to rush to the hospital. Stupid lie. They didn't believe him. Then he pulled another George move and told them the truth. He said "My friends thought you were ugly so they did not want to be seen with you." Of course he was smacked across the face and they left crying.

Grandiose Lie

To make a long post/story short my buddy and I dressed in Iowa Cubs uniforms posing as minor league prospects, with another of my friends who is quite large and had him pose as our bodyguard/guardian, and went bar hopping all through downtown Chicago paying no cover for an entire weekend and completely fooled every materialistic, snotty, and ditzy broad we encountered. They smelled money and fame, and...ahem...we took advantage. It was pure genius but can only be used very sparingly otherwise they will catch on.

cousin jeffrey
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PostPosted: October 10, 2005 11:56 PM 

I'd like to help you with this thread, but i'm just not as horrible a person as you.

The best thing I can come up with is:

One time this guy asked me and my friend to come to a restaurant where he was having a little thing. (For what reason, I still don't know). What kind of high schooler has a social gathering at restaurant? It was all very confusing to me.

So before we get there, we get a bite to eat at a fast-food place and my friend and I try to come up with some excuse to get out of there, because there was a party happening somewhere else. I come up with having to wake up early because my brother and I just bought a used car, and I had to get out and sign the papers. So we're there for an hour or so, eating a salad, just a salad, just a salad, and finally I get the courage to get up and go through my little routine. "Yeah, I gotta go to bed, wake up early. I have trouble waking up, I know it's only 9:30...yada, yada, yada. The guy asks me why my brother can't just pick it up, and I totally freeze.

Anyway, we leave and head to the party. Nothing special, but after about an hour, you-know-who walks in. So I try to hide behind a load-bearing pillar in the house, but no luck. He sees me, and starts asking me, shouldn't you be sleeping, I thought you need to wake up early tomorrow? I see my friend at the other end of the room really laughing it up. Anyway, it was one of those lies that come back to bite you. Like lying about having a house in the Hamptons.

Another thing that comes to mind, that's pretty insensitive:

Grade 9 or 10, can't remember. It's June, everyone's got there yearbooks out. We were in class, actually having our Music class finals. Basically, the whole class waits around the auditorium and one by one, we're called to perform for the teacher.

So we're waiting there, people take the opportunity to sign each others yearbooks. I'm sitting there, talking with my friend, the same who came to the restaurant. This girl comes up to me: "Hey, cousin jeffrey, can you sign my yearbook?" I look up, and I have no idea who this is. So instead of trying to fake it, or even better, just flip open the yearbook and see what other people call her, I just blurt out, "Sure, what's you're name?" Needless to say, I get a "nevermind"


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PostPosted: October 11, 2005 9:16 AM 

How do you live with yourselves?

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PostPosted: October 11, 2005 2:05 PM 

In 8th grade, a girl sitting behind me in math class asked me if she could copy an answer off my test paper. So, I slumped down and let her look over my shoulder. Now I have to worry that if I ever take a polygraph, somebody's going to ask me I ever cheated on a test and the needle's gonna go haywire.

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