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Jerry Intro Monologue Trivia?

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PostPosted: August 10, 2005 12:37 AM 

Jerry Monolouge Trvia?

I have tried to find Jerry's introductory monologue of our government related to Ward and June Cleaver, acting as the government, and the rest of us poor souls being reduced to Wally and the Beaver.

I believe it may be the intro he does on Episode 155 / The Muffin Tops...?

Any help finding the piece would be greatly greatly appreciated!

Martin Van Nostrum


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PostPosted: August 10, 2005 5:14 AM 

I think you are refering to 'The Sniffing Accountant'.

Here is the exact quotation:

To me government is basically parents or adults... especially the IRS, the IRS is like Ward and June Cleaver, and we're all Wally and the Beaver and your accountant is Eddy Hascal showing you all these neat tricks to get away with stuff. Which is fine unless you get audited then you don't want some wise guy in a suit just standing there going 'You have a very lovely office here sir.' Because jail is the government's way of sending you to your room and when you meet Whitey and Lumpy in the joint, there's really gonna be something wrong with the Beaver.

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