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Just found a little error

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PostPosted: July 17, 2004 6:34 AM 

in the Rye episode,George take Susan's parents for a horse cab ride and tell Kramer to be there at 7pm. Then inside George and Susan's parents are discussing and George ask them to go wait outside, and Susan's father state that there is no rush, since they still have 20 minutes left. But, when Susan's mother serve herself a drink, you can see from the little clock on the desk that its 7h25 already Smile
well, of course it could be anything but i like details like that Wink

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: July 17, 2004 11:14 PM 

They planned to be fifteen minutes early so as not to miss Kramer, it was mid-October and they forgotten to set that clock back for standard time! Smile

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