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PostPosted: February 1, 2005 4:40 PM 

Why do they make kleenex 2 ply, instead of just making it single ply thicker?

Also, if 2 ply is better than 1 ply, why don't they make 10 ply?

Allen Salkin

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PostPosted: February 14, 2005 11:30 AM 


So many people loved the Festivus article I wrote for the NY Times in December that I'm now writing a book on Festivus for Warner Books that will be out in stores for Festivus 2005.

I need your help. Thousands and thousands of real people now throw Festivus parties. Because I’ll have space in the book, I am looking for more details about how Festivus is being celebrated – and I am looking for photos from those real world Festivus parties.

If you or anyone you know is a Festivus celebrator or has been to a Festivus party, please contact me. The book will have sections on the rituals of Festivus and this is what I want to know:

+ How you conduct the feats of strength (thumb-wrestling?)and the airing of grievances
+ What new rituals you’ve added (dog-racing? jackhammer-the-statuary?)
+ What foods you serve (with recipes and names)
+ Where you buy your pole and where/if you store it and how you mount it come Festivus time
+ Where you celebrate the holiday (office—what type of biz, home-what sort of house)
+ Who are the guests (friends, family, disliked people, people you lust after)
+ How many years you’ve been celebrating
+ What is the most bizarre thing that has happened at your Festivus gatherings? Have any nasty fights broken out, or romances bloomed?
+ Do you give gifts/ souvenirs? What are they? Why that sort of gift?
+ Festivus songs? Lyrics please. Chords, too, if you have them.
+ Anything else? (One group in Detroit mounts a box of Junior Mints as the angel of their pole.)

Thank you for your help. We’re going to make this the best Festivus book ever!


Allen Salkin

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