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PostPosted: November 25, 2004 3:25 AM 

I recently saw Jerry on TV saying (roughly) that the four of them had been together again and felt like they could get right back into 'it'. Have they ever considered 'touring' together, performing their best scenes live in theaters or something to that effect?

I'm enjoying this boxset so much that - like a good album - I now feel like "going to the concert", like it's a reunion tour or something! Smile People would pay a hefty ticket price, they could make a bundle of cash letting their fanbase cheer all four of them onstage together.

Anyways, I appreciate anyone who could comment on this. Thank you very much.

Anno Domini
Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: November 25, 2004 3:39 AM 

That is a great idea. No doubt they could squeeze a lot of cash here. But why to reunion only for a tour , they can produce another album (season ) together.


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PostPosted: November 25, 2004 4:30 AM 

Where did you hear about them "getting back into it?" Jimmy doesn't believe it. He probably just meant that the chemistry together would still be there, and that they wouldn't miss a beat if they ever (hypothetically) did do anything.

They'd be making a big mistake to go on TV again. But the theater would be perfect because their ages wouldn't show on stage (their characters could still pass for mid-thirtyish to a distant audience, and hopefully, it wouldn't be captured forever in time on film. But they'd be better off doing new material in the same style, rather than previous scenes. They could never capture all of the classic moments the same again. They'd have to pick up right where they left off as if it were 1998 (no growing up or maturing BS). Even if it did bomb in the theaters... it wouldn't ruin the legacy of the show at all.

If they are considering getting back into it, it's now or never... they don't have too much longer to be able to pull it off, and it's already too late for TV. (IJHO)

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: November 25, 2004 4:57 PM 

That's the greatest idea , to do part in theaters. You know, what would be good. People vote for what scene they want when they buy the ticket, then the cast would redo it live. I think that I DON'T WANT any new material, because even if it's good we will say it's not really good cuz we'll subjectively rate it by comparing it to the other episode


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PostPosted: November 26, 2004 12:03 AM 

I think a lot of the dangers with doing "new" reunion TV-shows (or a movie) would be curbed by doing this. It would free them up from the specter of having to top what came before. If they wanted to change-up/improvise the old stuff, they'd be able to; any new stuff would certainly be appreciated, too. It would even be hard for any critic to really artistically compare it to the old show. I don't think what they did would really have to follow any kind of "story", either, people would just want to see them do their 'thing'.

Plus, having a live studio audience is exactly what they DID do for every single episode. And I would guess that getting live-laughs was more rewarding for them than a silent camera.

Of course, it'd be nice to get ALL the seasons out on DVD before doing this.


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PostPosted: November 30, 2004 7:40 PM 

Thats a great idea. I know i would go and watch them re make the scenes again. It would be so cool.

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