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Metaphoric Jerry

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rafael daniel

PostPosted: January 8, 2005 6:19 PM 

I believe that one of the key points wich explains the main success of our favorite serie, is the sophisticated use of the language, such as metaphors, analogic messages, and all that stuff. The "stupid" discussion between K-man and poppie about the way to prepare pizzas, in the couch episod, uncovers the core discussion of anti (poppie) and pro-abortists (elaine) about the very moment which life starts. Here is:
KRAMER: What gives you the right to tell me how I would make my pie?
POPPIE: Because it's a pizza!
KRAMER: It's not a pizza until it comes out of the oven!
POPPIE: It's a pizza the moment you put your fists in the dough!
KRAMER: No, it isn't!
POPPIE: Yes, it is!
Are you guys agree? Do you identify another examples, ┬┤cause i like to know it., So long

Bad Breaker Upper

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PostPosted: January 8, 2005 6:22 PM 

Yes. Jerry's explanation for why George got smarter and Elaine got stupider when heither of them had sex was great. The lettuce representing George's brain, the garbage strike representing Elaine's. Classic.

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