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PostPosted: January 23, 2004 6:25 AM 

Just wanted to say, before anything else, that I applaud Stan and whoever else has made this site what it is. To say that I'm a fan of this series is a gross understatement, but even still, when a guy is trying to organize every episode, or remember which show a particular moment happened on, it is a nice luxury to have access to a site like this.


This nugget of truth has likely been posted here previously, but just in case, I thought I would clear it up again anyway. If it's been done already, please forgive me, as I don't have time to go through every post of the archives.

Onward then. On the Guide notes for "The Milennium," one viewer argues that Jerry's smug comment to Newman about the innevitable lameness of his New Year's party is wrong, while another viewer argues that Jerry is correct. At the end of the note, someone (was that you, Stan?) admits to being confused by the whole thing, but then reiterates Jerry's logic and says that it is incorrect. Here is my take:

Jerry is not saying that Newman's party will be on the wrong day, celebrating the wrong year. He is simply (one might say, victoriously) informing Newman that Newman has made all the arrangements for a Milennium party... and the Milennium new year will not occur until January 1st, 2001. There was no Year 0. In lack of a better term, "the world" began on Year 1... the first Milennim took place on January 1st, 1001, one thousand years later. But the arrival of year 2001 is certainly not as big a deal as the arrival of the year 2000, which is when the world (ie: everyone else other than Newman) would be throwing their parties to end all parties. This is why the event which Newman has been preparing for some 20 years will be such a terrible failure. His party, scheduled for the actual Milennium, will be on New Year's Eve 2000, while the rest of the world will have already celebrated the Milennium (albeit under incorrect circumstances) one year earlier, on New Year's Eve 1999.

There were about twenty other little things (inconsitencies, etc) that I have noticed in Seinfeld episdodes which I looked forward to posting here, but alas, you've all done such a wonderful job here that they've already been accounted for.

Again, terrific job, everyone!


George: How was Eric Roberts as the husband?

Kramer: Oh, unforgettable!

(possibly my all-time favorite Seinfeld quote.)

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