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New seeds wanted ... or sh@ring

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PostPosted: November 14, 2004 5:41 PM 


I'm a French Seinfeld's fan and here is the situation (started 1 week ago) :

Season 1 HQ => OK Smile
Season 2 HQ => OK Smile
Season 3 HQ => OK Smile
Season 4 HQ => OK Smile
Season 5 HQ => stucked around 20% with just 1 seed around Crying or Very Sad
Season 6 HQ => not tried yet
Season 7 HQ => OK Smile
Season 8 e1_6 HQ => stucked around 90% with no seed around Crying or Very Sad
Season 8 e7_12 HQ => stucked around 55% with no seed around Crying or Very Sad
Rest of Season 8 HQ => not tried yet
Season 9 => not tried yet

I'm pretty new with the bittorrent stuff ... so I don't really know what it means that there is no seed. But what I know for sure is that my dld are stucked ! Rolling Eyes

If somebody is interested in sh@ring with me (i'm 6M/s down and 1M/s up) thru any channel ... plz email me.


PS : can somebody explain me how to re-seed what I already dld ?

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