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Newman and Jerry's rift

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Rochelle Rochelle

PostPosted: September 25, 2004 2:23 PM 

Does anyone know how the rift between Jerry and Newman began?


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PostPosted: September 26, 2004 2:46 AM 

No, it's just Newman's existence that Jerry doesn't like… the sneaky, untrusting, sheming, fat-boy type. No, wait… that's George! It's just another unknown mystery created for the purpose of making viewers ask those sorts of questions.

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Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: September 26, 2004 4:25 AM 

I've often wondered that as well. I'm thinking it might have to do with Elaine. In a couple of episodes Newman showed how badly he wanted Elaine. Perhaps he could never stand Jerry for once dating Elaine and staying close friends with her?

Whitey Fisk
Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: September 26, 2004 9:02 AM 

I think its just a personality clash. You know when you just dislike someone for no apparant reason, there is just something about them that makes you want to throttle them. The Elaine thing probably didn't help either, also maybe Newman dislikes Jerry even more because Kramer likes Jerry more than him.

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PostPosted: September 26, 2004 6:57 PM 

"also maybe Newman dislikes Jerry even more because Kramer likes Jerry more than him."

Exactly what I was thinking, beacause we never really see any other friends of Newman, except some postal employees. And that girl he dated that Jerry went out with later, and the model girlfriend. "

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PostPosted: September 26, 2004 6:59 PM 

Another thing about Newman, sort of off topic, but why is there nobody with the name "Newman" on the forum, or is he here, but not around much? Just wondering.


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PostPosted: September 28, 2004 1:10 AM 

Well the first episode with Newman, Newman played an instigator between Jerry and the girl he was seeing's former boyfriend. The name of the episode escapes me, it's the one where Elaine has to fast for a surgery and George is seeing a fortune teller.

Joe's Fruit Stand

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PostPosted: September 29, 2004 11:47 PM 

I've always thought of Newman as Jerry's arch-nemesis. Newman is Lex Luthor to Jerry's Superman. A reason for them to not like each other isn't really necessary. They're just enemies.

I also thought that explained Jerry's terse, "Newman..!" exclaimation. It's like something you'd see in a comic book. When Superman found out Luthor was behind something, he'd probably ball his fist say Luthor's name like that.


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PostPosted: October 2, 2004 12:21 AM 

Robin used to do that on the 60's TV show "Batman."

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