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Nominations for the worst, as

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PostPosted: May 7, 2004 7:36 AM 

Nominations for the worst, as in least funny, Seinfeld ever?

I vote for The Parking Space. Every time I see this I think, "What were the writers thinking?" Only one laugh in the entire show - when Elaine knocks the chips on the floor so Jerry won't see her dump the drink in the sink.

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: May 7, 2004 10:11 AM 

I thought the Parking Space wasn't that bad. It wasn't funny, but it was still watchable, seeing George and Elaine strut their stuff.
I think the Susie stinks, the whole Susie masquerade till the funeral and all were quite unbearable to sit through.

J. Chiles

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PostPosted: May 7, 2004 11:05 AM 

There are a few which miss the mark in comparison to others, but the only one that I will not watch for the umpteenth time is The Cartoon because of the always sickening Sally Weaver (and I try to ignore her in The Doll). She is invasive, intrusive, repulsive. Makes my skin crawl. Suzie, call Dr. Bison, tell him it's for me......

Other Walter

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PostPosted: May 7, 2004 12:24 PM 

I think The Dog is the Worst. All that painful barking-no fun at all...

Wealthy Industrialist

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PostPosted: May 7, 2004 1:29 PM 

If I remember correctly it was The Dog that got me hooked on Seinfeld and all because of Kramer, the two times he speaks to the camera like he is speaking with his girlfriend are priceless, as a whole the episode is not that good but those Kramer bits get to me every time.

"I must have been out of my mind. Look at you. Why don't you do
something with your life? Sit around here all day, you contribute nothing to
society. You're just taking up space. How could I be with someone like you?
Couldn't respect myself."

"Please! Please!! I take it all back, everything! I take it all back,
every word! I love you! I love *you*! I can't live without you, I'll do


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PostPosted: May 7, 2004 1:54 PM 

'the busboy.' enough said.

(except, of course, as i've said before, for george's line about waiting in the shower for the conditioner to work, which was gold.)

Babu Bhat

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PostPosted: May 8, 2004 4:31 AM 

I kinda like The Parking Space. The Doorman by far is the worst ever. I can't stand anything the doorman says about his pathetic existance and how Jerry tries to avoid him. Seriously what where they thinking

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: May 12, 2004 12:04 AM 

how can u not like the susie...its hilarious
at the end when peggy finds out that elaine isn't susie

peggy: i guess i never really knew susie
jerry: oh suse...yeah i had a little thing with her..(nodding at elaine) her too

then at the end with mike moffatt

mike bursts in
mike: stop the funeral, susie didn't commit suicide, she was jerry seinfeld!

(shock, gasps)
jerry: (totally unaffected) not only that, i broke his thumbs

i love it

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