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Our girl is like the Paul McCartney of four Seinfeld members

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PostPosted: August 26, 2014 8:56 PM 


She's the only active one ...

and what I said .. her being the greatest comedienne of all time ..

above even Lucille Ball!

They had a thing on the news then they mentioned it on Letterman that our girl, Julia Louise-Dreyfus has more Emmy nominations than Lucille Ball.

Yes, I've been all over the galaxy and back and no I'm not the poor soul, the original JFK Jr. and those of you who thought I was are definitely crazy in the head!!

Though, I am the original JFK Jr. here on the "StantheCaddy" website .. you want me to prove it ..GO FUCK YOURSELF JIMMY!


They're going to make a whole new sitcom with that Blonde-Yound Vamire girl and her boyfriend breaking up on the ATT commercial.
The guy may be Shecky Green's Grandson .. very well might be!

Take care,

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