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Poor Bertha

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PostPosted: September 6, 2004 3:33 PM 

Hello to ya all!

I stopped the server cuz all of your complaints.

As for you Bertha, I don't want to give false accusation about your previous posts.

I tried to bring back to life something that we thought is dead! It's only yo people who can help with that!
Why won't each one of you open FTP?
Instead of complaining - do something about it!

As for me... I know now that my bandwidth ain't big enough but if you really desire for something time ain't matter!

When I started this FTP there was no RATIO!!! But I saw that people only d/l (strange, they didn't care about the time it got them!) I was feeling disloyal from the other side.
I decided to set the ratio per file and not per bytes! Which means, if u d/l a txt file u can d/l any file u like!(U can ask ppl around here).

Finally, for those who still worship my idea and help in bringing back to life the seinfeld HQ files, I'm planning for you a little present - I think it'll be ready 'till the end of the week.

'till then, sorry for all the mess I caused here and I hope someday u'll c that it's all was an idea that could be profitable to all of us.

"Better one bird in the hand,
than two on the tree"!!

Signing off, Ethan

Mr. Smith

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PostPosted: September 6, 2004 3:41 PM 


Did you get my email? Are we still hooking up with swapping of the files?

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