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problems playing the videos

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PostPosted: April 17, 2004 5:37 AM 

I've started downloading season 1 and 2 and as some episodes (the first in each series) seemed to be complete, I tried to play them on my computer. The result was mix of pictures from different episodes. I simply thought it was because of my divx player so I burnt them on a cd and played them on my dvd/divx player (the pilot works fine on the computer and the dvd player) but the result is just the same. Does anyone know what the problem is ?

another question: what is the "normal download rate" ? Mine is about 1 or 2 KiB/S so it takes about 2 days to get an episode. Please someone help a Frenchie out.

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PostPosted: April 17, 2004 2:55 PM 

Are you getting them off of BT and opening them before the entire download is complete? If so, then that's your problem, you need to have patience.


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PostPosted: April 18, 2004 4:56 PM 

thanks . you were right . I just thought I could play the episodes as I each got downloaded so I think I'll just have to wait for a long, long time now. patience gets rewarded in the end (or so i hope)

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: April 18, 2004 11:09 PM 

That is terrible that your top speed is that low. Maybe look into firewall issues, because with BT you can potentially get your maximum speed.


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PostPosted: April 19, 2004 3:48 PM 

thanks for the firewall advice. I turned it off and it works better. What's more, I no longer get these "download error couldn't connect to tracker" messages. I'm looking forward to watching my first whole season.


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PostPosted: April 19, 2004 5:40 PM 

im downloading Seasons 1 + 2 and im stuck at 0 kbps, so could someone please open their download windows

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