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"I am sorry" wave
Done when commiting a faux pas white driving to accept blame -- you raise the hand, lower the head as if to say - "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. The buttons are really big on the car. I don't understand it. I haven't read the manual" etc.

"Moses Smell the Roses"
Expression used by Jerry to express great feelings of emotion.

"This" & "That"
Term cretaed by Jerry and Elaine reffering to friendship and sex

"Ya that's right"
A phrase Putty often utters when someone asks him a question (especially one in which they are only asking to make sure they heard right the first time)

'89 LeBaron
Used vehicle purchased due to the fact that the previous owner was actor Jon Voight.



not "double zero," but "oooh oooh," as in oooh oooh aaah aaah (see koko)

The most popular gauge of shotgun that police use. Makes the 11-gauge look like a cap pistol.

129 West 81st Street Apt. 5A
Jerry's address.

129 West 81st Street Apt. 5B
Kramer's address.

129 West 81st Street Apt. 3A
Jerry's first address.

129 West 81st Street Apt. 5E
Newman's address

1st and 1st
Noun; The nexis of the Universe.

2 million Lira
Price in Italian currency for a villa in Tuscany from Cicio.

Jerry's actual pants size, although he does scratch off the 2 and replace it with a 1 so that everybody thinks he is a 31 waist

George's real height, except when he wears Timberlands, which make him 5'8"

Police code for a possible auto theft.

Kramer's phone number, which frequently gets confused with 555-FILM, which is Movie Phone.

Name invented by George to honor Mickey Mantle and be an original name for his unborn child

7 and 5 eights
Jerry's hate size.

A Great Entrance
A dramatic way of entering a room for a party or fancy ball.

a svenjolly
Someone with a cheerful mental hold. Elaine's description of Dr. Reston.

A Tell
When describing a date, if one touches the face,it means deception is taking place and "you gotta tell". The higher up on the face one touches, the worse the situation really is.

Address Discrimination
Practiced particularly by food delivery organizations with delicious flounder, whereby they refuse to deliver an order beyond a specific boundary.

Magic word used by the Flying Sandoz Brothers to make things disappear

Airing of Grievances
One of the rituals of Festivus. (See also Feats of Strength)

Airport Pick-up
The most important of all pick-ups, nothing is more gratifying than a perfect airport pick-up.

Alcoholic Chicken
Product of Tyler Chicken and soon to be available at Yankee Stadium.

Setting on a clock radio that is sometimes entered incorrectly, causing one to oversleep.

An "IT"
Girl of one's dreams. Lifelong companion. Synonym-The One

An "IT" (part 2)
The male reproductive organ. Elaine said: He took "IT" out.

An Enzo
A bad haircut.

Term used to refer to a people who is vehemently opposed to/or anything associated with dentists or dentistry.

One who exhibits prejudiced feelings toward dentists, at times rabid feelings. May even believe they should have their own schools.

Anytown, USA
Prototypical house in America, symbolized by the "front porch" set up by Kramer in the hallway. Often includes swinging bench, bug zapper, hanging plants, American flag and a storm door.

Low-class take-out sandwich restaurant preferred by Puddy. Menu items include roast beef sandwich.

Aristotle Goose Down Tunic
Fake Peterman product Elaine comes up with after running wild with an expense account.

Piece of furnature that the Soup Nazi gives to Elaine but forgets his recipes are in it.

A really cool license plate belonging to Kramer (or some proctologist).

Astronaut Pen
Has an unusual quality in that it writes when turned upside down. Used by astronauts while traveling in space. Also useful while writing in bed, preventing the user from having to turn over and lean on his elbows.

Atomic Sub
Obscure sandwich franchise in New York area. Regularly provides cards wherein after the purchase of twelve crappy sandwiches, one automatically receives commission as a "sub-captain." A hat may or may not be involved.

Atomic Wedgie
A very rare form of the basic "wedgie" (see Wedgie)whereby the perpetrator extricates the waistband of the victims underwear to a point somewhere around the victims head. In extremely rare cases the elastic waistband may break off.

1) A chocolate-flavored syrupy liquid used as an additive to milk. 2) George's PIN code 3) Possible estranged lover of Mrs. Peterman

Super potent, impossible to remove stench. Literally "beyond body oder"

Beautiful Lineswoman. (i.e. "Yeah, she's a B.L.")

A cake which comes in several flavors, most popular being chocolate or cinnamon; also with or without a hair attached. Has been known to cause small feuds in bakeries.

Extraneous term applied to the end of a statement to add more emphasis to that statement. Example: There's no precedent, baby!

Baby Blue
Son of Golden Boy.

Situation whereby a couple that has broken up, gets back together. Often the backslide is preceded by the Bump Into (see Bump Into below).


bad boy
women find his rebel attitude, '68 GTO, and stern warning by superior at work to be very attractive

Bad Breaker Upper
Someone who cannot end a relationship without offensive insults.

Bad Breaker Upper
person that means the bad things you say when you break up that you don't mean, often causes exes to become crazy and take violewnt acts against this person

Bad Date Situation
An event, such as a party, where bringing a companion would prohibit mingling with other attendees at the event.

Bad Naked
Unattractive actions performed in the nude such as crouching, coughing, straining to open a pickle jar or belt sanding. See Good Naked

Bad Seed
Undesirable person due to questionable upbringing, poor genetic inheritance or both

Bald again
A phenomenon in which a bald person who earlier used to crib about being bald starts realizing that he is not himself if he is not bald. That persons now wants to be bald and also want to date bald women

Bald Paradise
Period in 1920's where all men wore hats, therefore the women couldn't tell which guys were bald.

when elaine tells her friend george is balding, "he balding"

A woman who has never gone out with a bald man, discrimination.

A person who does not assoicate with bald people

A type of salve or ointment used to treat burns and abrasions. ex. Who told you to put the balm on?

It's pronounced thermometer.

Friendly term used, mainly by people from Texas, instead of words like "Gentleman".

Beach, The
The Men's Colon Kramer creates to smell like you just came home from the ocean; this same idea was stolen from Kramer by Kalvin Klien

Beautiful Godzilla
A woman who based on looks alone can get anything she wants (example: such as tickets to a movie that has been sold out) and has never been seen carrying anything more than three pounds.

Beboppin' and scattin'
Phrase used by George Costanza to describe an insincere, insulting apology offered by recovering alcoholic Jason Hankey for an incident involving "a drafty apartment," "a sweaterless friend," and "a cheap, ballpark giveaway MetLife windbreaker."

What a delicious cuisine-o Fit for a king and queen-o! Purchased in bulk at the "Price Club." Not recommended for horses.

Better Bring a Poncho
A term of advice offered to someone who plans to monitor the withdrawl of a junkie.

Big Boy
Full size Drake's coffee cake

Big Coarse Ha
Rough, boisterous type of laugh that is an undesirable trait in a female companion. (hated by Costanza)

Big Salad
A salad containing big lettuce, big carrots, and tomatoes like volleyballs.

An adjective meaning the exact opposite. Examples: Bizarro Jerry (reliable, considerate friend) and Bizarro Superman (says hello when he leaves and goodbye when he arrives).

Beutiful Lineswoman a term used by george to describe a deaf lineswoman at the 92 US Open.

Black and White Cookie
1)Dessert food containing equal parts chocolate and vanilla; has been attributed to vomitting. 2)the key to racial harmony; "look to the cookie".

Black SAAB
Name that Maroon GOLF calls Jerry during Puerto Rican Day

The act of not allowing an individual from being served by a company

A short write-up in a newspaper or magazine.

boat salvage auctions repair salvaged
boat salvage auctions repair salvaged boat salvage auctions repair salvaged [link=]boat salvage auctions repair salvaged[/link]

Bob Sacamano
The friend of Kramer, Who is yet to be seen.

Boca Breeze
The newsletter at Del Boca Vista (Phase Three) -- a "Pinko Commie rag"

Bomb Defusing Robot
A person, such as your irritating uncle, who you have to open up your packages that you may suspect to be bombs.

The level of celebrity one achieves where he or she may be the victim of a bomb of any sort.

The word Regis uses to describe Kramer while on the Regis and Kelly show. ex."This guy is bonkos!"

Bootros Bootros Golly
An exclamation of astonished joy. Possible use would be when a man witnesses a woman sunbathing topless on a beach in the Hamptons.

The purest chocolate "syrup nectar" enjoyed by George. It stained a sweater of his and was his ATM code. Also used by Kenny Banya in a comedy bit.

Fashionable dress shoes worn by Elaine and coveted and discussed by others

A subconscious act which negatively indicates the degree of attraction between two people. Supercedes the open-lip kiss!

Boutros Boutros-Ghali
1. A former secretary General of the United Nations. 2. What Jerry exclaims when seeing a topless sunbather.

Euphemism for testicles or sperm

Bra-less Wonder
1)A slang term used against a female who is well endowed in the pectoral region and refuses to wear the recommended undergarment 2)Sue-Ellen Mishke

Break-out, Pop-in
the unannounced visit from a girlfriend who just broke out of prison that is typically frowned apon.

Breakup by Association
Situation in which one can no longer be friends with another because that person has broken up with one's friend.

Breath Taking
A word used to politely describe someone who is ugly

Breath Taking
An word used to politely describe someone who is ugly

the confusing term Dr. Ben Feffa uses to describe both Elaine and an ugly baby in the Seinfeld episode The Hamptons

the term used after a big fight, kramer used it after a fight with the van buren boys

An ancient Jewish ceremony where a male child is circumcised. A sacred covenant between G-d and Abraham, or something... (see Mohel)

Bro, The
A support undergarment specifically designed for men.

Tennis racket preferred by Mr. Pitt, Ms. Landers and Newman.

British Thermal Unit

bubble boy
Bubble Boy!!!!! you all forgot bubble boy!!!! :roll:

Bubble Boy!!!!! you all forgot
Bubble Boy!!!!! you all forgot bubble boy!!!! :roll:

Buck Naked
If George was a porn star, this would be his name

A region of separation between parents and their children

Buffer Zone
The mean separation between one's parents and themself. The greater the buffer zone, the greater the quality of life

Buffer Zone (2)
A desired distance between yourself and others for any number of reasons. Used in context in The Chinese Restaurant.

Bump Into
Situation whereby a couple that has broken up unexpectedly encounters one another. This can at times lead to a Backslide. See Backslide above.

Bunion Stories
Purchased by Kramer from Newman, to replace stories sold to J. Peterman. Price: eight bucks.

An implication of being overwhelmed with joy and/or good fortune

Butter Shave
Alternative method of shaving. Reportedly vastly superior than any commercial shaving cream. Warning: Avoid exposure to prolonged sunshine after application of the butter.

Cable boy
Kramer's nick-name for Jerry when he agrees to have illegal cable installed by Kramer's friends.

Caffe Latte
Half coffee, half milk hot drink that Seinfeld helped to become one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world.

Roman Emperor from 37-41 CE. Mentally unbalanced, neglected affairs of state so as to better indulge in his passions. Jerry used this term to refer to George when trying to combine his three loves, food, sex and television.

Call waiting face-off
A phone call is interrupted by another call waiting...the person fielding both calls is forced to make a decision between the two.

Dough pocket filled with pizza toppings and sauce.

Candy Line-up
Similar to a police line-up except that candy bars are used instead of possible crime suspects. Candy bars are set up unwrapped with the intention of determining a persons ability to identify a specific candy bar. Candy line-ups have been known to disappear before the identification process takes place.

Cape Weather
A day characterized as cool and breezy, ideal conditions for wearing a cape.

Expensive, finely-knit fabric considered extremely desirable by foreign cleaning women. Also prized by Elaine Benes, Jason Hankey, and George Costanza.

Cassus Belli
Meaningless Latin phrase that Elaine likes to say out loud

Cell Phone Walk-n-Talk
Conversation one has on their mobile phone to kill time as they walk to their destination.

to be aprenhended by the police. ie: They (the police)cheesed him!

Cherish the Cabin
Susan Ross's grandfather's last words to her father before he died.

Cherry Binaca
Breath spray that can also be used in place of pepper spray or mace in certain situations.

Chewing the fat
What Jerry and his imaginary butcher Franco do. While doing this, Franco came up with the line "Salad's got nothing on this Mutton".

Chow Fung
A big flat noodle.

One who foists an excessive number of ill-advised shots in a basketball game. (Pronounced by George as "Chuckah"). ex. Who's the chucker?

A jelly candy that comes in five flavors

A chocolate candy bar that, if left in an apartment, will lead to the inundation of fleas

According to Jerry: It should be on tables at restaurants along with salt and pepper. Anytime anyone says, "Oh This is so good. What's in it?" The answer invariably comes back, Cinnamon. Cinnamon. Again and again.

Clapgo D-29
An impenetrable dead-bolt lock. Has only one functional requirement. THE DOOR MUST BE CLOSED!

Clapko 3000
The most inpenetrablelock on the market today (according to Jerry)

Clarkman Garbage Disposal
In addition to being installed in the sink, can also be installed in the shower drain. This allows one to shower and prepare a meal at the same time.

One who makes problems go away. (ie. Muffin stumps)

If one sees cleavage, then it is followed by a touch, then the touchee will look, not to be confused with a stare or "good look"

Close Talker
A person who stands extremely close to another person when speaking to that person.

Club Soda with No Ice
Beverage served at the Hotel Westbury. (See also Cranberry Juice with Two Limes).

"Alright chimp" according to Puddy; The name that George is given after losing "T-Bone" to another employee; The name of the employee George hires so that he wouldnt have the Cocoa name anymore, but instead is given the nickname "Gammy".

In the morning, coffee is coffee. At 12 midnight, coffee is sex.

Something cherished or valuable that is being saved for the future - like a TV Guide.

come with guy
a companion who comes with you to watch your clothes dring at the cleaners

Commando 450
Most powerful shower head used by circuses purchased by Kramer and Newman to combat "low flow"

Commando 8
Brand of air conditioner perfect for a small apartment. Easy to install.

Conjugal Visit Sex
Sex with a convict still within the bounds of jail or prison. Ranks above make-up sex and below fugitive sex in terms of desirability

Conjugal Visit Sex
Sex with a convict. Ranks above Make-Up sex and below Fugitive sex in terms of desirability

Consolation Guy
One who offers solace in a bereavment situation. Being the consolation guy is like getting ten dates in one shot and confers instant boyfriend status.

Core, Art
Fake name which would eventually trun into Art Vandalay

see: lord of the idiots

Cotton Dockers
Tan trousers whose commercials may or may not annoy you.

Cougar 9000
Rolls Royce of wheelchairs. Has inductive joystick, dynamic braking, flip up arms. Rated #1 by Hospital Supply and Prosthetic Magazine

Counter-Clockwise Swirl
Perfect finish to a supposedly foolproof sexual move which if mastered, will guarantee one will never be alone again

Coup Dé Toe
When the second toe outgrows the big toe captain and gains control of the foot

Covenant Of The Keys
An agreement generally made by neighbors whereby each participant maintains a key to the other's dwelling. The key is to be used for emergency purposes only such as a lockout. Misuse of the key (e.g. unexpected pop-ins) can result in one losing key privileges.

Crab Bisque
Creamy and semi-thick seafood soup that makes your knees buckle.

Cranberry Juice with Two Limes
Beverage served at the Hotel Westbury. (See also Club Soda with No Ice.)

Crazy Joe Davola
A physcotic that kicks Kramer in the head after not being invited to his party and tries to sabatoge the filming of "Jerry"; goes out with Elaine and dresses up as a clown to go to the opera.

Crook Eye
Dirty look or stare aimed at someone you wish ill upon. In the same family as Stink Eye and Evil Eye

Vintage clothing appropriate for vacation.

Not the medical terminology for a hair transplant.

Curse Toast
A toast at a formal occasion which contains profanity. May clear the room and/or get you in a headlock

Cut to the chase
A Hollywood phrase that was used by old-timers such as Milton Berle.

Dark and Disturbed
Quality that some women find attractive in a man.

Dating Loophole
A loophole guys utilize to ask women out without fearing getting rejected.

dating loophole
Strategy for conning a date out of a woman by telling her its not a date. Usually comes about by purposely losing a bet. Without it being a date, there is no fear of rejection.

Day-After Thank You
Courtesy phone call made to express one's gratitude for complimentary tickets to an event the previous evening.

Active effort made to overcome a previous disenchantment with a partner. Often it is not enough to merely de-sour. One must sweeten too

Death Blow
When someone tries to blow you up, not because of who you are, but for different reasons altogether

decaf cappuccino
Coffee drink that Kramer asked for in the psychiatrist's office.

What Jerry refers to as George's way of preparing for "the Summer of George".

A period of preparation required before beginning the "Summer of George." Also see, "Summer of George" and "Frolf."

Deep fried in Chocolat sauce
Phrase used to refer to a food item so terrible that it would never be eatable. i.e Broccoli for Newman.

The process of giving a gift and then asking the recipient to return it. Example: You know those super bowl tickets I gave you earlier? Can I have them back? It turns out that I can use them after all.

Del Boca Vista
Retirement community in Florida where Jerry`s parents live.

delicate genius
A person who thinks their time is worth more than yours because they use it to heal people. You must call to cancel an appointment with a "delicate genius" either 24 or 48 hours in advance.

delicate genius
What George calls Elaine's friend the chiropractor when she says her policy for cancellations is 24 hours, no exceptions.

Denogginizer, The
One of the names proposed by the police to describe the Lopper

"Prospective name for the serial killer terrorizing Riverside Drive by decapitating his victims. (See Son of Dad)

A favorite song of one of Elaine`s boyfriends. When he hears it he freezes up and is not distracted by anything until it is over.


Rundown of events leading up to and or continuing through a sexual escapade

the team that putty favors

An unruly patient. Elaine was labelled "difficult" by multiple doctors.

A creature responsible for consuming your missing fiance...the poor baby!

Dinky Donuts
Donut establishment frequented by Joe Dimaggio.

Director's Chair
A type of chair that could be used as a seat for a security guard being forced to stand. (may be interpreted as a pompous look)

Do Me A Solid
Cool and hip term which means 'Do Me a Favor'.

verbal slur in which kramer is reffered to by elain after she discovers that he is fighting little kids in his karate class.

Actual name of Jerry's girlfriend. Rhymes with a part of the female anatomy.

Unacceptable substitute for Cubans.

Double Crunch
A popular cereal usually requested by Kramer.

Double park
The act of parking next to another car on a street, trapping it between the curb and the car next to it. Its how dictatorships start.

To place ones entire mouth into the dip. Just take one dip, then end it.

A specific technique of eaching chips. You take a dip with your chip, take a byte and dip it again

Drake's Coffee Cakes
A delicious treat that will cost you more than 50 cents, but can make anyone break their fast (or at least, Elaine).

Dream Cafe
Restaurant run by a Pakistani immigrant. Frequented only by Jerry Seinfeld.

Dream Cafe
A cafe across the street from Seinfeld's apartment, run by a Pakistani immigrant named Babu Baaht.

Dream Spot
The most ideal and perfect parking space possible.

Drivel Parts
Sections of a novel which are drivel.

Egg White Omelet
Healthy alternative to a regular omelet.

elderly movie stars
elderly movie stars elderly movie stars [link=]elderly movie stars[/link]

Entenmann's shim-sham "The"
One of the oldest baker's grift in the books. Involves substituting a piece of Entenmann's for vintage pastry to scam an unsuspecting pastry investor.

Condition in which not urinating could result in poisoning and possible death.

European Carryall
A purse for men.

Exclamation Point
a symbol used at the end of a sentence to imply exclamation, can be offensive if not used in the correct places.

Excuse Rolodex
Rolodex used to provide excuses for avoiding outings, meetings, conversations or general get togethers with annoying childhood friends you were only friends with in the first place because they had a ping pong table.

Executive, The
Vintage, belt-less over coat designed by Morty Seinfeld.

Extra MSG
An additive for chinese food, especially pea pods.

Face Painter
A person who paints their face with their favorite sports teams colors and/or logos to support the team.

Fake Erase
The act of pretending to erase a comment written in a medical record such as someone being "difficult" with a pencil that was originally written with a pen.

Fake Number
A number given to an undesirable potential date.

False Reflecting
The image that skinny mirrors gives one. One looks better in the mirror than in reality.

Fancy Boy
A man who wears a fur and carries a European Carryall.

Initials of Kramer's friend Franklin Delano Romanowski - not to be confused with a former president of the United States.

Feats of Strength
One of the rituals of Festivus. (See also Airing of Grievances)

Kramer-speak for lovely ladies

A holiday that Frank Costanza made up because he did not like all the advertisements and holiday jingles for all other holidays. It is celebrated on December 23rd. Slogan-"A Festivus for the rest-iv-us!"

Festivus is a holiday celibrated on December 23, created by Frank Costanza and was made as a response to commercialism of the other December holidays. Slogan- "Festivus, a holiday for the rest of us".

Flabby Armed Spanking Machine
Situation one encounters when trying to swim in a pool when a large group of elderly people are having an aquatics class.

Flagged book
A book taken into a public resroom. Once "flagged," a book cannot be returned to the store for credit or donated to charity. In George's case the book was "French Impressionist Paintings."

A term used in place of any other word in any context in times of drawing blanks

a description of a woman's voice; deep, throaty and seductive. (Call a 976 chick and you'll hear it)

Fly off the Handle
1) Something certain Asian mailmen do when asked for directions to the local Chinese Restaurant. 2) Something Jerry does NOT do when asked which way is Israel

Forbidden City
Mythic place where a secret tribe of beautiful women reside. To get inside the walls, one must prove that one has had a relationship with one of their own. Not to be confused with a meat packing plant

Forcible Massage
Desperate act of trying to physically coerce a massage from someone. See Massage Teaser

Freckle's Ugly Cousin

Fresh "Out of the Dryer" Feel
The reason Kramer sticks his shirts in the oven

Friend- in- law
A friend of a friend is your friend-in-law. Sometimes also referred to as a friend by association

Friends O' Clyde
Jerry's first softball team

Time period in which ugly people walk the streets of Manhattan.

a game formed from a combination of frisbee and golf, played during the 'Summer of George'

a game formed from a combination of frisbee and golf, played during the 'Summer of George'

A game george has always wanted to play. Frisbee golf. Golf played with a frisbee.

Golf played with a Frisbee. See "Summer of George"

From Nods to Nothing
Final stage of an acquaintanceship when passing acknowledgement is extinguished and one ignores the presence of another

Fudge Distribution
Something accomplished when the fudge is placed at the bottom of the ice cream sundae so one can control how much fudge one eats in each bite.

fugitive sex
Intercourse with an escaped convict.

Fugitive Sex
sex with your girlfriend who just broke out of prison. said to be better than conjugal visit sex or make up sex.

A move employed in a movie theater usually combinded with the "eye roll." This technique is usually employed after the "half-turn" fails to quiet the talkative people sitting behind one in a theater.

Funeral Hello
A greeting given at a somber occasion, specifically a funeral, that lacks the enthusiasm of a regular hello.

The pulral of fungus.

Cream used to clear up a fungus. Usually located in one's medicine cabinet.

Fusilli Jerry
One in a series of pasta personalities that Kramer created wherin the particular noodle used reflects the person's persona. ie. fusilli because jerry is silly. see Macaroni Midler

Fuzz, The
The Fuzz: slang: the police, used by newman

Material generally found in off-the-rack and/or vintage slacks preferred by Kramer. When Kramer is "out there and loving every minute of it," this is all that separates him from the public.

Third noise heard on George's hidden briefcase tape, after the metallic squink.

Jamaican slang for grandmother

It's a goose thats had the ol' switcheroo pulled on it.

Gatzby Swing Top
A bra that instead of being worn underneath a piece of clothing is instead worn as a top. Can be purchased from the J. Peterman Company. Designed by Elaine Marie Benes.

someone who is neat, thin, and clean (not that there is anything wrong with that)

One who fears germs and those who carry them like promiscuous women who wear slippers that are bacteria traps.

Get Out
Phrase in which the speaker displays his or her state of disbelief.

Get Outta Here
Phrase one wants to hear from one's doctor after asking about a serious illness. For example; "Do I have cancer?" "Cancer? Get outta here!"

Get outta here!
Expected exclamation from a physician when the subject of cancer is mentioned.

A phrase indicating agreement or an urging to proceed. ex. Will you take $500 for it? Giddy-up.

Term of derision used by Kramer. Can be used interchangably with Mojombo.

ginger ale
Soft Drink. George believes the coffee shop mixes Coke and Sprite instead of serving the real drink.

According to Kramer, "people that glitter."

go out on a high note
An act of showmanship whereby the speaker, after making a comment that delights his audience, leaves the premises, thus he will go out on a high note and not risk making lesser comments.

Non-cancerous enlargement of the thyroid gland, which can appear as a football-shaped protuberance jutting out of the neck.

Golden Boy
The first shirt in the cycle that Jerry wears after doing laundry.

Good Naked
Graceful actions performed while in the nude such as hair brushing. See Bad Naked

Popular material used to make winter coats.

got hand
the state of having the upper hand in a relationship. "A man without hand is not a man. I've got so much hand I'm coming outta my gloves."

Got-no-Green Lantern
A super-hero like male acquantance who is invulnerable to creditors due to lack of funds.

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Grease Monkey
Derogatory term for auto mechanic

Savoury takeaway roll, can be purchased at subway stations. Not recommended for eating with cherished tv guide collectibles

H and H Bagels
A bagel establishment which is notoriously harsh for not allowing workers on strike to use its bathroom. Always looking for help around the holidays. Serves raisin bagels, something Kramer never thought he'd see in his lifetime.

Term used as an expression of anger, or excitement. Also used when information is discovered that produces anger

Term used as an expression of anger, or excitement. Also used when information is discovered that produces anger

Hair Hat
Slang for toupé along with rug, piece, and bird's nest

A gesture using one's head to express displeasure with the loud patrons sitting behind one in a movie theater.

Hand Model
Career in which your hands are photographed for use in advertisements showcasing jewelry, watches, etc.

Hand sandwich
A type of hand shake also known as the "Two hander." Comprised of "The hand on the bottom, the hand on the top, the warm look in the eyes." Greeting is open to interpretation because much depends on the layering and the quality of the wetness in the eyes.

Happy Pappy
A phrase used to inquire if an individual is pleased about somethiing.

Hard labour adventure camp

Having Hand
1) Denotes possession of controlling interest in a two-person relationship. 2) Something needed in lieu of a relationship.

He Schnapped Me
Method of plying the truth from one Elaine Marie Benes. See The Combination

He took it out
At the conclusion of date, taking "IT" out after pleasant conversation. Excuses for taking "IT" out could be to get "IT" some air, since they can't breathe in there.

Head to Toe
Sleeping position in which 2 people are in the same bed, with one person's head at the top of the bed, and the other with their head at the foot of the bed.

Head-first Parking
Method of pulling one's car in to a parking space.

Another name the police department came up with to describe the Lopper. See Denogginizer.

Applying lifts in one shoe's to affect a taller stature.

Heil Five
Variation on the high five preferred by the Nazis

Greeting made by Jerry's girlfriends stomach

The no-tell, no-smell Scotch which goes down smooth. Can also be used as a paint thinner.

Archaic term used for stereo or record player.

High Hair
Hair that elevates abnormally above one's scalp. Example: Kramer was identified in a police lineup as the guy with high hair.

A male who speaks in such a high voice, he is often mistaken for a woman.

Himalayan Walking Boots
Perfect for keeping your feet resillient when you're heart aches, and your back aches

Hipster Doofus
Someone who while believing himself to be hip, aware and cool, is really a damn fool. Kramer is accused of being one.

Hoffer-Mandale Clinic
Medical establishment housing the practice of one Doctor Van Nostrand and located in Belgium, er, um, the Netherlands.

Greeting Jerry said to Elaine after she bought a lot of crap on Putumayo y Cinco de Mayo

Act of playing golf on the beach with sole intention of putting into a whale blowhole.

How an individual, who knows nothing about electricity, describes an electrical outlet.

Home Bed Advantage
Personal space to bring your significant other, providing no former significant others are close by.

Hoochie Mama
Alternative to Serenity Now (see Serenity Now for it's definition) because as we all know, Serenity Now, Insanity Later.

A imaginary place to store information or ideas.

Hot and Heavy
An advanced stage of a relationship.

human fund
Fictional charity. Created by George in order to avoid giving "real" holiday gifts at his job at Kruger.

I Like to Stop at the Duty Free Shop
Catchy phrase to recite on the way to the airport.

I'm Down
Phrase used to confirm one's participation in a certain event or activity.

Independent George
Movie George, Coffee shop George, Liar George, Bawdy George. Opposite of Relationship George

Independent Jerry
Comfortable with a 1200 mile buffer zone. Threatened when his parents move in with him.

Indian Giver
I'm sorry, I am not familiar with that term.

Indian Giver
One who gives away a gift, and taking it back. Otherwise known as de-gifting.

Insider Deal
Special discount price on a new car given to friends of the salesman

Isobutane 20
An ingredient in anti-flea medication. (See also Isobutane 30, Sorbitant Sesquioliate)

Isobutane 30
An ingredient in anti-flea medication. (see also Isobutane 20, Sorbitant Sesquioliate)

Kramer's childs name, all triangle with all 3 equal side and angles :roll:

Elaine's date takes "It" out while they are seated in his car. It refers to his male member.

It's Go Time
Point in an argument where the confrontation turns physical. Often preceded by the phrase "That's it"

It's Me.
The act in which people who are in a relationship identify each other on the phone. Not to be used to early in a realtionship.

Its' Not You, It's Me
Phrase, purportedly coined by George Costanza. Used when one is attempting to break off a relationship and lacks the courage to tell the other person why they don’t like them.

Some of the soups of the soup nazi.. and Newman loves it

Java World
Coffee chain known to secure their cups with faulty lids.

Jerk Store
George's all-time best come back to an insult as in, "The jerk store call and they're all out of you."

Jesus Fish
An "icthus" used by Christians (such as Puddy) to identify themselves. Often displayed on automobiles.

Jiggle It
Technique used to open a lock with a key.

A muscle training shoe salesmen who refers to himself in the third person.

Spastic jerkiness of the legs that disrupt anothers' sleep.

John Houseman Name
A moniker which sounds great when pronounced by actor John Houseman.

Johnson Rod
A suspicious sounding car repair, usually expensive

The Indian name for Jerry

A candy that can be bought at the concession stand in a movie theatre. It is excusable to stop and buy these when finding out that your friend is in the hospital.

June 29, 1980
The last time Jerry vomited.

Junior Mint
It's chocolate, it's peppermint-- it's *delicious*! It's very refreshing! not meant to be put next to vital organs in the abdominal cavity

Junior Mints
A refreshing candy believed to contain special healing powers.

Boiled or baked buckwheat. Sometimes used in hot cereals or kosher specialties - like kasha varnishkes. Its scent is not to be confused with potpourri!

kate bush this womans work video
kate bush this womans work video kate bush this womans work video [link=]kate bush this womans work video[/link]

One's spirit or inner being. The part of you that says "Yes I can". Sammy Davis had it

The hidden ability to attract the opposite Sex. Kramer believes he had the kavorka.

Latvian Orthodox, lure of the animals

Kenny Rogers Roasters Chicken
1.) A popular chain of take out chicken restaurants frequented often by Newman and Kramer 2.)"Bad Chicken! Mess you up!"

Ketchup Secret
Special facility with getting ketchup to run out of the bottle

To put a halt to something. Crazy Joe Davola threatens to put the kibosh on Jerry.

A stuffed meat thing. Israeli soldiers carry it. If they're captured behind enemy lines, they eat it and it kills them.

Kiss Hello
A method of greeting another person whereby one places a peck on the cheek.

Seinfeld's first telephone number.

George's nickname at Kruger, maid that works with one of jerry's girlfriends..."that chimp's alright"

Celebration of the millenium sponsored by Kramer

Kramerica Industries
Business run out of Kramer's apartment. Enlists the help of NYU intern (Darren). Inventions include rubber bladder system for oil tankers, 4.9 APR financing.

Kramerica Industries (2)
Kramers company which may or may not have a chicken.

Unit of currency in Sweden. David Putty has a "Krona comprehension problem"

Owner of Kruger Industrial Smoothing and lackadaisical boss of George Costanza. Delights in giving out nicknames to employees. Run's a fairly tight ship, never gives two employees the same nickname. Never seems to mind when the company "takes it on the chin last year". Alternate pronunciation: Koo-Ger (Frank Costanza)

Kruger Industrial Smoothing
A smoothing company owned by Mr. Kruger. According to Frank Costanza, the company stinks. It couldn't smooth a silk sheet on a hot date...The "R" recently fell off the sign on the outside of the building, making the name sound like one of those old-time car horns (K-uger)

Kung Pao
Chinese entree which sometimes makes one break out in a sweat due to its hot and spicy flavor.

La Cocina
The name of George's made up off broadway musical about a miming chef named Pepe. He thinks of this when he is asked if he had written anything that the NBC executives might have heard of.

Label Baby Jr.
Brand of Labelmaker. Very appropriate for regifting.

Larry Fine, The
Hairstyle which one does NOT request when visiting the beauty parlor.

Latvian Orthodox
Religion to convert to for the love of a woman. Ask for the Express Conversion.

An act in which one continues to speak about important matters to a fellow worker when unkowingly to the speaker that the other person is no longer present.

The act of leaving an item (eg. a sable hat)at someones apartment as an excuse to see that person one more time to retreive the item.

An item one leaves behind as an excuse for future return to re-claim

Taking premature advantage or assumption in a relationship. An example: asking a casual softball teammate or an occasional spectator to be godfather or godmother.

Library Cop
Person designated to enforce the rules of a library with special emphasis on collecting fines for delinquent books.

Inserts for shoes that allow little people to perform the act of heightening. Use of lifts is against the unwritten code of little people; one could be ostracized.

Little Jerry
The name Kramer gave to his rooster to be in cock fights.

Little Jerry
The name Kramer gave to his rooster to be in cock fights.

Little Kicks
Elaine's dance involving short kicks and thumbs :shock:

Little People
The term Mickey Abbott insists George use to describe him (and, presumably, other midgets).

Long Talker
One who rambles on and on and on and on.....

A deranged psychotic who derives pleasure from beheading individuals.

Lord of the Idiots
One whose stupidity cannot be surpassed. Example: A person who throws away a lifetime of guilt-free sex and floor seats for ever sporting event at Madison Square Garden.

love newton
A make-out partner

Low -Flow
Shower heads which barely produce enough water pressure to remove the soap and shampoo from one's body

Low Rumple
First of 3 noises picked up by George's briefcase tape recorder

Low Talker
Person who speaks so quietly that one is unable to distinguish what was said. Never nod your head in agreement when speaking with a low talker as it could result in an embarassing situation.

Macaroni Midler
Another in the pasta personality series created by Kramer. "see the little microphone?"

Macho Head Games
Means of intimidation employed by someone in a position of physical or financial power or an accusation of such made by a weaker or paranoid party. As in: "I'm tired of all your macho head games"

Made in the shade
According to Kramer, this is what happens when you become "in" with the gorillas.

Magic Loogie
A wad of spit capable of traveling great distances and performing various turns, deflections and pauses.

Man Fur
A fur coat designed specifically for men.

Man Hands
A woman's hands that look like they would be better suited on a man.

Man's Best Friend
Something that Kramer wants on his headstone

A fruit, similar to a B12 shot, that can make "it" move.


Under garmet for men who need a little support up top.

A good thing. It's nure...with Ma in front of it.

marble rye (noun) a special
marble rye (noun) a special kind of rye bread so rare it is often stolen but so common it is often left unserved. Derivation-often thought to be from the stealing of a special marble by one child from another, said marble then being left unused in a bedroom drawer.

March In
Process whereby an employee has reached the end of the line with his employer and "marches in" to inform the employer that he is quitting his job. The March Out (see below) often follows the March In.

March Out
Process whereby an employee, after completing the March In (see above), leaves the employer's office and realizes he may have made a mistake and thinks about all the money he will be losing.

Marine Biologist
Another one of George's "Professions". "The sea was angry that day, my friends. Like an old man trying to return soup in a deli".

Massage Teaser
Masseuse who brings massage table and oils into a room with no intention of actually using them

Master of One's Domain
A phrase indicating a person's abilty to refrain from personal gratification.

One who has the ability to pack for a trip in an efficient manner and includes such items as cue tips, a mini-umbrella and something boring to read on the plane. Requires that you "Know the strengths and weaknesses of every soldier in that platoon. From a collapsible toothbrush to a pair of ordinary black socks."

Medium Crab Bisque
Food that the Soup Nazi refused to serve to Jerry, due to George's insistance on receiving bread for free.

Medium Turkey Chili
Food that the Soup Nazi refused to serve to George, due to George's insistance on receiving bread for free.

Medium, Large and Jumbo
New sizes of soft drink at movie theaters that were formerly small, medium and large respectively.

Memory Burn
Unforgettably vivid image of a past experience

A three way, or a good way to perform the roommate switch.

Mental Alarm
A function of the brain that allows one to mentally set a wake up time, negating the need for an alarm clock. This ability is not possessed by all and has one drawback known as the snooze.

One who guides another in his or her career path.

Metallic Squink
Second of 3 noises picked up by George's briefcase tape recorder

1) A sedative slipped into a person's beverage or food for the purpose of rendering them unconscious. 2) A gruff, gravel-voiced, contentious Little Person.

Mickey Source
One who supplies another with Mickeys for sinister purposes.

Mile 114
A one mile stretch of the Arthur Berkhardt Expressway that Kramer adopted.

A male "bimbo"

One who performs a circumcision as part of the Jewish Bris ceremony. Some can be cantankerous and frenetic, even shakey.

Name used in phrases to substitute for words like "Buddy" or "Pal". i.e. "Guess again, Mojombo".

Moland Spring
Mr. Pitt's new water company, a merger of Morgan Water and Poland Spring - Elaine HATED the name.

Popular coffee shop in upper Manhattan.

The restaurant were Elaine, Jerry, George, and Kramer always eat at

mono nucleosis
an illness known to make boy friends of the patient more intelligent

Mooching Inventory
Written record of the quantity of food and it's value that a neighbor has helped himself to. The mooching inventory could be used on a weekly basis to bill the moocher for goods mooched.

The group of war mongers who invaded Spain during the 8th century according to George.

Historical demographic group (commonly known as "Moors") who's mispelled name allowed George to defeat the Bubble Boy at Trivial Pursuit.

More Everything!!
Request made by passengers flying first class, enjoying the finest amenities.

Morning Mist
One of the many moods, the many shades, the many sides of George Costanza

as in moving, you know,like furniture, the highest function of the male relationship

Race horse who loves running on wet ground or "the slop"

Muffin Stumps
The bottom parts of muffins that are usually thrown away or discarded.

One of the Soup Nazi's "knee buckling" soups; favored by Cosmo Kramer.

Multiple Sneezer
A person who sneezes more than once in succession.

A name rhyming with a part of the female anatomy. It was thought that this was Jerry's girlfriend's name

Murphy Brown
NBC television show that Elaine writes a script for; Kramer appears as Murphy Brown's secretary under the name Steven Snell

Must Lie Situation
wherein the sheer awfulness of something cannot be expressed, simply because to do so would cause hurt feelings and precipitate no further invites to the Hamptons.

a mystery meat for luring dogs of all kinds

Some kind of strange meat that Jerry stuffs in his pocket. What exactly is Mutton? I don't know and I don't want to find out.

Mysterious Galonk
Third of 3 noises picked up by George's briefcase tape recorder

A curse word one uses when things don't go your way.

A celebration of the new millennium sponsored by Newman.

Nexus of the Universe
Where 1st street intersects with 1st street in downtown New York City. It's near Original Ray's Pizza.

Nice Face Discount
Elaine got $50 bucks knocked off the armour that she saw on the street because she had a nice face. Jerry said she had to buy it cause she got the "nice face discount."

No Man's Land
The area of a shirt in which it would be ill-advised to place the second button

No Soup For You!!
What a Soup Nazi might say if his instructions for ordering soup are not carried out properly

The act of allowing bedsheets to lie freely atop the mattress. Allows freedom of movement and the ability to point one’s toes in the air while sleeping. (see Tuck)

Non Copus Mentis
Latin phrase uses by George Steinbrenner to describe George Costanza's condition after the big payroll project. Means "bats in the belfry"


Non-Date Personality
A more relaxed, personable side which is best "showcased" on a double date where there is less pressure than a one-on-one

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
Phrase used to denote acceptance towards gay people

1)the concept by which the sitcom "Jerry" is based on that Jerry and George develop while in the diner; 2)a whitty but fairly obvious observation

Now We're Cookin'
A food delivery service that faxes you the menus from all of the restaurants. NOTE: you shoulds only sign up for this service if you actually have a fax machine, otherwise you might get several messages on your answering machine that consist of nothing but fax machine sounds.

Cheap fur used to make rat hats

Name George takes on to ride in a limosine. He later finds that it is the name of the Arion Union.

Office Skank
A woman who sleeps around with co-workers.

Oh Mama
Cry of extasy sometimes used by the K-Man for instance after donning freshly heated clothing

Oh mama
Cry of despair, agony or pain. Frequently used by the K-man.

Old man Trying to take back soup in a deli
George's discription of the sea being angry the day he was a marine biologist.

On Her Person
Police lingo used to indicate evidence found on a dead body

On the Wagon
Abstaining from liquor due to alcoholism. Not to be confused with Off the Wagon, which is when one goes back to liquor despite being an alcoholic.

One In A Million
The odds of an object (possibly Fussilli pasta) lodging in one's anal cavity and requiring removal by a proctologist or ASSMAN.

One Manana's Notice
The proper time frame for cancelling an appointment or meeting of any kind.

Open Door Urination Policy
Situation where one friend feels comfortable enough using the bathroom of another friend with the door open until disabused of that notion by the friend whose bathroom it is.

Open-Lip Kiss
A overt act which positively indicates the degree of attraction between two people. Can lead to disappointment when uperceded by the bottle-wipe, though!

Brand of electric toothbrush.

gift given to Japanese television executives, according to Kramer there are no oranges in Japan

Out There
The state of being unencumbered by lower undergarments.

Out-Neiled Him
The status one achieves when one is preferred over the original Neil.

Source of material for Kenny Banya.

Ingredient in sunblock that George knows enough about to stay away from

Nickname of pizza-juggling friend, Jerry Pershak

Pacific Northwest
Place where Newman learned to climb trees while growing up. Useful skill in retrieving fur coats.

Pronounced (pie - ay - ya) A spanish dish. A melange of fish and meat with rice. Very tasty.

Action of removing one's pants before an important performance or engagement so as to avoid wrinkling and/or damage to the creasing.

Papaya King: Hot dog vendor
Papaya King: Hot dog vendor located across the street from movie theater (see "Rochelle Rochelle")

Pardon my French
Phrase that George tells women he coined- used to get them into bed

Question asked when one has not heard or understood what another has said. More polite than saying, "What?"

Pear-Shaped Loser
Poor hapless sap whose character is reflected in his physique. Ex. George Costanza

Peek eet up
Translation: "Pick it up!" Phrase used by street thugs who stole the armoire Kramer was supposed to be babysitting.

Pensky material
An individual worthing of working for Arthur Pensky. George is told that he is "not Pensky material."

Perfect Pick-Up
Pulling up to the airport terminal at exactly the same moment as the people you are meeting walk out of the same terminal.

Printed material which is published at regular intervals. Reading matter for when you get the call telling you that your son is bootleggah.

George's favorite cough medicine. Goes good with club soda.

Sauce for pasta, made from basil, olive oil and garlic.

candy dispenser with a funny head on it

Phase Two
Next development in a relationship featuring extra toothbrushes, increased call frequency, and walking around naked. The presents get a lot better in Phase Two.

Phone face-off
Contest between the person one is currently talking to on the phone and the person beeping in on call waiting.

pick or scratch
when Jerry's girlfriend thought that Jerry was picking his nose but he said it was just a scratch

Piece of fiber from shirt on left shoulder
Found on Kruger by Dr. Van Nostrum during a skin cancer examination. Something he's going to have to keep an eye on.

A genetic freak contained in a New York hospital who can be described as half man/half pig; also referred to as a small, fat little mental patient.

Pimple-Popper, MD
Derogatory slang used for a dermatologist

Pinch Weasel
A substitute who takes the place of the original weasel

Pinkish Hue
One of the qualities of a good cheek. (see also "Rosy Glow")

Pinky Toe
Valuable appendage on the foot with the nail that's impossible to cut. Can be reattached if it should become severed from the foot.

PLO Blend
Strong Arabian coffee such as the Arabian Mocha Java.

An important quality one must have to be a model citizen of America, especially for women

Physical action used by men to alert other men of cleavage in the area.

The ability to avoid showing one's emotions through facial expressions. Poor ones, like George's, crack at the sight of two pair.

A decoration used as part of the Festivus celebration. It is used to mock a Christmas tree

Pop in
the unannounced visit from a girlfriend or parent that is typically frowned apon.

Potato Salad
A deranged bum's affirmation, usually accompanied by a military salute. "I'll take the job. Potato Salad!"

Pouch Envy
The jealousy that a male kangaroo exhibits towards the female kangaroo's pouch.

powierzchnie biurowe łódź
Completely I share your opinion. I like this idea, I completely with you agree. [b][url=]powierzchnie biurowe łódź[/url][/b]

Pre-Emptive Breakup The act of
Pre-Emptive Breakup The act of turning the tables on someone who is about to break up with you by breaking up with them first, so as to gain the upper hand.

Pressed Ham nder glass

Prison Call
The king of phone calls. Since you are entitled to only one call from prison, the recipient of the "prison call" should be flattered to receive the call.

projekty domów
At me a similar situation. Let's discuss. [url= ]projekty gotowe[/url]

Prop Comic
Comedian who rather than doing "bits", favors comedic situations involving objects, such as a water gun

prophylactic wrapper
Something one should never leave in one's parents' bed after having sex.

Psycho-Sexual Hold
Hypnotic state caused by the sexual appeal of another. Can evoke a drugged and helpless feeling

Public fornicator
Porn-movie actor; e.g.: So, what's your son doing now, Dr. Stevens? Oh, he's a public fornicator. Yes, he's a fine boy.

Public Urination Pass
Allows the holder to pee anywhere necessary (e.g. a parking garage) so as to prevent damage to the bladder or kidneys (e.g. Uromysitisis poisoning).

Pudding Skin Singles
Individually wrapped hardened chocolate pudding slices

Puffy Shirt
A blouse-like men's wear garment. Characterized by exaggerated pleating and bellowing form. Often associated with the pirate-look.

A funny word. It requires no thought. You hear the word puke and you can laugh without even having to think.

A dangerous mass of pressed vegetable matter, known to cause eye problems if not careful. "Pulp can move baby!"

Puppet Regime
A goverment or organization which owes its existence to being installed, supported or controlled by a more powerful entity, typically a Del Boca Vista power-broker.

Purple 23
A good place to hide an air conditioner in a shopping mall parking garage.

Put the Kibosh On
To interrupt, disturb or terminate one's peaceful existence. Crazy Joe Devola was famous for putting the kibosh on people

Not in a regular dictionary but possibly in a medical dictionary. When a patient gets difficult, you "quone" him

Someone unable to control his or her anger.

raining blows
a bombardment of punches in order to obtain power, or in franks case, a doll

rat hat
this hat was a substitute for the sable hat that was lost; composed of nutria fur

Ray's Pizza
A marking point for Jerry so he could pick up Kramer at the nexis of the universe. Confused with Original Ray's Pizza.

reader to RSS my feed
Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply

Rebecca DeMornay
An employee at a homeless charity shelter, used to work at Brentano's books. Doesn't appreciate Elaine's donation of bags of muffin stumps. Is not afraid to jump over the counter to punch George in the brain when he tries to donate a "flagged" book of French Impressionist painting.

Red Dot
A defect on a white cashmere cardigan sweater that allowed George Costanza to purchase it at the discount price of $80. This imperfection caused the sweater to be rejected by Elaine Benes and later by the cleaning woman at George's office, with whom he was having an affair.

Red Menace
The annoying glow from the Kenny Roger's Chicken sign across from Kramer's apartment.

the act of throwing up food - much to George's dismay because he's "paying for those meals."

The act of vomiting one's meal before it's digested.

The bizarro coffee shop.

The process of receiving a gift from someone and then turning around and giving it to someone else as a gift.

Relationship Intern
An assistant to a man dating a woman who helps with girl problems because neither of them can handle a woman by himself.

George asks this of Jerry after he learns that Jerry slept with Nina, Georges girlfriend. George insists the only way to punish Jerry is if he were to sleep with Elaine, to which Jerry replies:"It doesn't punish me it punishes Elaine, and cruelly I might add!"

1) The process of taking and holding an item for one person by another - the holding being the most important aspect. 2) Securing a table at a restaurant. Not to be used specifically when speaking with your Native American girlfriend.

Reverse Peephole
A peephole that has been installed in the position opposite of the manufacturer’s recommendation. This allows the dweller of the residence to see inside his residence and ward off a surprise attack from an intruder.

Ribbon Bully
A person who emphatically insists that everone in the AIDs Walk MUST wear a ribbon

Ribbon, the
arbitrary symbol of awareness of AIDS, refusal to wear has resulted in severe thrashings.

Riconic relationship
A type of relationship where you go straight to bed with a girl. Named after a fellow named Rico.

Ring Dings
When coupled with Pepsi, would make a far superior dinner gift than a bottle of wine and/or babka. Guests of said party would secretly approach the presenter and confess "i'm really excited about the pepsi and the ring dings"

ring- tail lemur
some sort of animal that climbs trees very well; used to describe Newman as such

a far, superior rooster. One that excels in Cock Fighting. Usually imported from South America.

Rochelle Rochelle
A movie depicting a young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk. Proves the point that, "Men can sit through the most boring movie if there's even the slightest possibility that a woman will take her top off."

Rollamech 1000
A special mechanical pencil that Elaine has to buy for Mr. Pitt.

Rosy Glow
One of the qualities of a good cheek. (See also "Pinkish Hue")

Alternative name for the powdered drink mix Ovaltine. Roundtine may be a more appropriate name because the mug is round and the jar is round so where does the oval come from.

An extra feature for the Saab 900 charged to the buyer along with undercoating, floormats, keys and finder's fee.

sagman, bennett, robbins, oppenheim and taft
law firm where eventual jerry girlfriend vanessa works. this episode also is the inception of art vandelay, who supposedly works in the building as an importer/exporter.

Salad grande
Portuguese for big salad.

Sauce Me
Request one makes to have their hair shampooed with tomato sauce when one's hair is contaminated with BBO.

an annoying pet name

Liquor used to open one's "vault"; particularly useful to retrieve secrets from Elaine.

Schnitzer's rye
A marble rye bread from Schnitzer's, so desirable it can lead to mugging an old woman to obtain a loaf.

Seat Filler
A person employed to sit temporarily in the seat of a Tony recipient at the awards show. As Kramer says, "They don't like to see empty seats on TV so when somebody gets up I just park my kaboos on their spot until they get back."

City in Washington State. Also known as "The Pesto of Cities".

Status of phone call frequency in a relationship.

Sending a black and white
The dispatching of a law enforcement vehicle to pick up those having information on crime or supposed criminals.

A company with a new kind of technique for televising opera. Jerry and George invest in this company on a tip with mixed results.

Sentence Finisher
One who interrupts you while you are making a statement and proceeds to complete your statement for you. It's like Mad Libs.

One who is seperated from one's spouse, but not divorced. A Seperaté is not out there, while a divorcé may be.

Serenity Now
A phrase shouted at the top of your lungs to relieve stress.

Blind date name change due to blind people not wanting to be associated with all those, "losers".

1) an original name with cachet up the ying yang that George would use if he ever had kids 2)one more than six and one less than eight

Sexual Camel
One who can last long periods of time without sexual gratification.

Sexual Perjury
Faking an Orgasm.

Shanghai Sally
Nickname for Opium.

She Fine
Spontaneous, but slightly gratuitous phrase uttered by an impressed male upon sighting a particularly lovely female. A favorite of Jackie Chiles.

A non-jewish woman. When one has 'shiksappeal' , she turns on a Jewish man because she is not like his mother.

What makes a non-Jewish woman attractive in the opinion of a Jewish man.

Assuming some of the responsibilities, especially in a relationship.

The phenomenon by which a ceratin part of the male anatomy (referred to by Elaine as 'IT') suffers from a size reduction after swimming in cold water.

Sic Semper Tyrannus
Latin phrase used by John Wilkes Booth and Crazy Joe DaVola, meaning death to tyrants.

"Woman who likes the male body. Male body = weird, awckward, harry, and lumpy."

1) One who appears silently from nowhere - often to accept undue credit for a job well done. 2) One who disappears silently from anywhere - often to avoid a deserved reprimand for a job poorly done.

silver plated bud vase
blank sim card western district credit union find unsecured personal loans for very v recipe card printables 1887 dollar silver birthday e-cards spongebob business credit card bad

Skinny Mirror
A reflective apparatus that makes one appear thinner than one actually is.

The one candy that does not have swirling chocolate in the commercials.

Sky Burger
Fast food joint, preferable to waiting endlessly at a Chinese restaurant

Slappy White
A useful pseudonym to use when you want to buy a Cadillac for your parents.

Slip one past the goalie
Impregnate a woman.

Smell Gestapo
A B.O. squad that patrols the city looking for people with B.O. It's purpose is to sniff 'em out, strip 'em down, and wash them with a big, soapy brush.

The dog whose medicine Kramer takes to relieve him of his to nagging cough

A treat that is often ingested for its lack of fat content while its high-caloric properties are just as frequently overlooked.

Popular bottled beverage that can contain tea, fruit juice or both.

The action performed between two people when a greeting is not acknowledged or returned. Kramer snubbed Gail Cunningham, the girl that wouldn't kiss Jerry after three dates. Kramer thinks Girls love the snub, Jerry doesn't condone the snub, and George tried the snub for one year with no success.

Name invented by George and offered to his less imaginitive friends.

Son of Dad
Kramer's suggestion for the serial killer's name terrorizing Riverside Drive.

sons of bitches
people that park in a handicapped spot

Sorbitant Sesquioliate
An ingredient in anti-flea medication. (See also Isobutane 20, Isobutane 30).

not a meal, unless you crumble crackers

Soup Mode
The frame of mind one must be in before entering a certain soup establishment.

Soup Nazi
One who demands perfection from himself and from his soup.

SP 2000
Deli Slicer preferred by Kramer. Can cut slices so thin you can't see them

Special Tiny Instruments
Special tiny instruments needed to save a run over squirrel. They usually arrive just in time.

Speed dial

Jerry's reason for returning a jacket when the clerk he knows upsets him.

The sound emitted by the human body when dropped from a multi storied building and lands on the roof of an automobile; can be averted if the automobile is a convertible

Sponge Worthy
An attribute or quality of a man that makes him acceptable for love making. These qualities must be stronger when the sponge count goes down.

A qualitative rating by which Elaine determines whether a male is worthy of sexual relations--the consequence of which being the use of a contraceptive sponge, part of her vast hoard of the now-discontinued product.

standard amount of toilet paper used to measure how much to use, or how much you have left. Ex:"I don't have a square to spare."

Signifies possible hidden quality that makes people angry enough to stab you after a break-up.

The action of staying at a location and waiting for a person to arrive

Stall Man
A male who doesn't use the urinals in a public mens restroom.

Step Off !
Phrase used by the collar turned up, hip adventurous type to mean leave me alone, go away, get outta here now dude.

Step Skipper
Person who can go through at least 6 steps of treatment for alcoholism in a day by not actually doing the steps. (step 9 in particular.)

Stickin' It
Rubbing it in.

stomatologia łódź
I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. I can prove it. [b][url=]dentysta łódź[/url][/b]

Stop Short
Driving move perfected by Frank Costanza which consists of hitting the brakes quickly and stretching out the right arm to prevent one's female companion from going through the windshield, thus creating the opportunity for copping a little feel.

Street Tuffs
The two gay men who steal Elaine's armoire and who beat up Kramer for burning the Puerto Rican flag and for not wearing his AIDS ribbon

Strummin' the ol' Banjo
A technique used to scratch an itch.

Stuff Your Sorries in a Sack
Unknown meaning...

the bakery (top of the muffin to you!'s) Waste product from "poping the top off" of a muffin. This led to the caretaker of the homeless shelter to protest against their "stumps of muffins"

Summer Me
Term George uses to refer to Fragile Frankie Merman because George thinks Jerry uses Frankie as his replacement at summercamp.

summer of george
georges 3 months of freedom

Summer of George
A three-month period after losing ones job to, read books, play "frolf" (frisbee golf)and "taste the fruits and let the juices drip down my chin."

Super Terrific Happy Hour
Japanese comedy show where Jerry has a a one-second clip of him in the opening credits and is now receiving royality checks for twelve cents.

Superterrific Happy Hour
Comedy show in Japan with a cameo of Jerry Seinfeld at the start

Supreme Flounder
Fish served for the first time in America. Number 47 on the menu.

Surprise blindfold greeting
A greeting wherein the greetor sneaks up on the greetee, placing his or her hands over the greetee's eyes and says, "Guess who."

Sweet Action
Great odds for a bet to be placed in hope of a big payoff.

Sweet Fancy Moses
A phrase used by Jerry and George when watching Elaine dance.

Sweet Fancy Moses!
Exclamation of surprise. (See also Whoa, Nelson!)

The consummation of a sexual procedure used in pleasuring a woman. Can be done in either a clockwise or couter-clockwise direction.

1. A popular cut of steak. 2. A nickname one desires for oneself.

abreviation of the phrase "taking care of business". This is what Kramer does when he works at brandt leland investments in the episode "The Bizarro Jerry".

thank you wave
supposed to be given when someone lets you have the precedence

That's a shame
Often used to express feigned or shallow concern or sympathy. Also used as "This is going to be a shame" when the Kramerica Oil Blimp is accidentally tested on the Woman Who Would Not Look Up.

That's Gold !
Expression used to display one's delight with an idea presented by another person.

The 2nd Button
The button which makes or breaks the shirt

The bad employee, the bad son, the bad friend, bad fiancé, the bad dinner guest, the bad credit risk, the bad date, the bad sport, the bad citizen…the bad tipper

The Beach
Colon created by Kramer to smell like someone just came home from the beach; was stolen by Kalvin Klien

The Big Race
Athletic event that Jerry and rival student Duncan Meyer participated in while in high school. Jerry accidentally got a head start and won.

The Chip-in
Situation when a group of people pool their money together to pay for a gift or cab.

The Chip-In
A method of purchasing a gift in which a small group of people pool their funds to buy a single gift between them. Allows the purchase of more expensive gifts such as a television.

The Combination
Alcohol -- A fool-proof method of removing items from "The Vault."

The contest
A competition used to establish who is "master of their domain" (see master of your domain)

The Drake
Nickname of Scott Drake. People seem to either love him or hate him

The English Patient
Movie that everyone likes, except Elaine. It costs her her job and boyfriend.

The Face Scratch
When a person is in a relationship and is describing how its going the higher up they scratch on their face is an indicator of how the relationship is going. The higher the scratch the worse it is.

The Fix-Up
The act of bringing two single people together in the hope that they may then have a relationship. Care should be taken, though, to ensure that any contraceptives supplied to the fixed-up individuals are of high quality.

The Good Samaritan Law
Law in small town of Latham Massachusettes forcing action by witnesses to attempt to aid those being victimized by petty crime

The Good Samaritan Law
A federal law requiring an innocent bystander to respond to (and aid the victim of) a crime within their vicinity as long as it is reasonable to do so.

The Good, The Bad or The Ugly
The phases of a woman's facial appearance depending on the lighting of the area where she is currently standing.

The Human Fund
"Money for people" --- charity which George made up.

The Kiss Hello
A rather abrasive greeting used by those who have an extreme need for intamacy. Extremely contageous, once it spreads, it can lead to an epidemic that may force some out of the social circle of their apartment building.

The Kramer
A painting of Kramer done by one of Jerrys ex-girlfriends. One observer noted he looked like a "Loathesome offensive bruit, yet I cant look away...he sickens me"

The Little Man
Possessor of the small inner voice that guides one in life. George's is an idiot.

The Maestro
Man who doesn´t apreciate being called by his own name.

The Miana
The nucleus, the straw that stirs the drink. Jerry of course.

The Move
One's own patented sexual move.

The Nice-Face Discount
A discount on certain items because the buyer possesses a 'nice face.'May be up to 20% off item's original price.

The ol' switcheroo
The act of switching items in order to catch a person in the midst of a lie, not to be confused with "what's good for the goose is good for the gander"

The Opposite
When all of one's instincts are wrong, doing the opposite would have to be right. Adopting this strategy gets George a job with the New York Yankees

The Other Guy
Not Pavarotti and not Domingo.

The Panties Your Mother Laid Out For You
Unknown meaning, but party of dirty talk.

The Pigeon Deal
A deal that humans have with the pigeons. The pigeons get out of the way of cars as long as humans look the other way at statue defication. George runs over a few pigeons as well as steps on them. "We have no deal!!"

The Pinch
Alternative ending to a foolproof sexual move. See Counter-Clockwise Swirl

the place to be
Frank's billiard room he sets up in George's old room; too cramped to finish a full game with a standard cue stick.

The Stink of Responsibility
When a man gets engaged, it demonstrates to the opposite sex that he can go "all the way", thus making him much more attractive.

The Switch
The act of ending a relationship with a person only to begin one with his/her roomate

The Ted Danson Jet
The NBC private jet Ted Danson recieves and George envies.

The Timeless Art of Seduction
Procedure in which to woo a woman. Step one: Seductive photos.

The Twirl
Technique used by streetside umbrella salesmen to catch the eye of potential buyers. Must not be done too fast, lest one disorient the customers

The Van Wyck
Expressway in the New York City area. Basically impossible for drivers to conquer.

The Wheels Are In Motion
Indication that plans are being made to extract someone from a particularly bad situation, like being denied their Visa renewal

These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty!
Famous line from a Woody Allen movie that may or may not have finished production.

This Chick's Playing With Confederate Money
Euphemism for a woman with breast implants.

this, that, and the other
having all three of the types of relationships without getting overly involved. not possible.

Throat Clear
A non-verbal implication of doubt.

Time-Slot Head
Comedian who takes the stage after a funny set by a previous comedian and "eats his laughs"

Tippy toes
A code word which alerts a person if someone will catch them doing something, George used this word to alert Jerry when he was switching answering machine tapes.

Tippy-Tippy Day-Day
From the Impressionist School, like Monet and Manet.

Tippy-Toe Lemon Tree
Code phrase to alert one of another's pending arrival.

Toe Thumbs
Thumbs that have been replaced by big toes possibly because the original thumbs were lost in an accident, maybe an accident with a tractor.

Too frooooty
Why Baboo's brother doesn't like Snapple. (See Snapple)

top floor
a person's chest region on their body, referred to by Kramer

top floor
chest region on a person's body according to Kramer

Top of the Muffin to You!!!
Elaine's Muffin-top business venture's slogan.

Triangle Art
Artwork in which the theme is all triangles. Could be worth as much as $1900.

Tropic of Cancer
The book that Jerry never returned to the library.

Enzyme produced by eating turkey which causes drowziness

Tub Is Love
When a man is unsure of his feelings for a woman but finds himself scrubbing the bathtub with ajax before she comes over, this indicates he is in love

The act of folding bedsheets under a matress to form a type of enclosed sleeping environment - like a sleeping bag. (see No-tuck)

Tuna on Toast
Sandwich frequently ordered at lunch. When one's life doesn't benefit from eating this sandwich, one may be forced to switch to Chicken Salad on Rye, with a side of potato salad and a cup of tea.

Lovely region in Italy where there is but one available rental property which can only be leased by visiting Ciccio.

Twirl, the
The act of an umbrella salesman spinning an umbrella over his or her shoulder in order to attract customers. Can be visually appealing or disorienting.

Candy bar George buys that gets stuck in the machine.

Two Face
A woman whose appearance changes (for better and worse) depending on lighting conditions. Ex. George "She's a two face"

Two hander
A type of handshake greeting. Also see "Hand sandwich."

Tyler Chicken
Restaurant out of Little Rock, Arkansas that the Yankees trade George to.

A phrase used in the place of "Serenity Now"

Ugly Baby
A rare phenomenon where a baby is actually unpleasant to look at it. Seeing one can at times cause twisted facial expressions and/or body convulsions.

ugly girl and hot guys
big ugly guy ugly guy [link=]fat ugly guys[/link]

Un momento por favor!
Spanish for "Wait a minute... I'm going to hear about the story of Matador Eduardo Corrochio"

Unauthorized Hi
When one tells another hi from a third party, when the third party actually never said hi.

An invitation to a party or event sent purposefully too late so that the person invited won't have the time to get it together to attend. Also known as a nonvite.

Relaxing on a Sunday night to prepare oneself for the start of the "work week"

Urban Sombrero
A mexican hat designed for the urban business professional.

Poisoning that occurs when a person that needs to urinate fails to do so in a timely manner

Van Buren Boys
A street gang named after President Martin Van Buren. They are known for being as mean as Martin was.

Van Buren Boys Code
The secret code is to show 3 fingers. As Kramer says "They never hurt one of their own."

Van-Guy Term Jerry uses when
Van-Guy Term Jerry uses when he realizes Fragile Franky Murman is upset over Jerry's displeasure with his van. Jerry says "I'm a van-guy," when Fragile Franky threatens to run to the park.

Vandalay Industries
Manufacturer of latex. Considered hiring George as a salesman.

Vandelay Industries
A non-existant company located in Jerry's apartment where George tells the Unemployment Office that he has applied for a sales position. When you answer the phone, he says, you have to answer it, "Vandelay Industries."

Vandelay, Art
Pseudonym that George uses to get out of bad situations without leaving his real name.

Vault, The
Place of mental secrecy where one's intimate utterances are safe from disclosure to others. Can also be used as a verb Ex. "I'm vaulting it."

Vegetable Lasagna
Pet name Elaine gives to her flight neighbor, Magnus

Velvet Fog
1) Nickname for Mr. Mel Torme 2) Kramer's mental state after being kicked in the casaba by Joe Divola. (see Yo Yo Ma)

Velvet Scrunchy
Soft elastic pony-tail keeper preferred by Cosmo Kramer

venetian blindes
a book written by Art Vandaley, according to George Castanza

Vile Weed
Can be used to describe any loathsome, unpleasant, undesirable or objectionable green vegetable. Example: brocoli.

Not a word, according to Elaine Benes, but a phrase used to show incompetence in interpreting a cartoon

Wait Out
Process whereby one anticipates the end of another couples relationship so that one can make a move on the Seperaté (see Seperaté) of one's desire.

Walk-by Hello
When you see someone one the street that you know and you say "Hello" as you walk by without stopping. Sometimes it requuires turning around for a "How are you today?" But the idea is to not stop walking.

Walking Candy Apple
One who has a large head sitting atop one's disproportionately puny body.

War What is it Good For
Leo Tolstoy's original idea for the title of "War and Peace" (he was later talked out of it by his mistress)

Waterfall Grotto
A soothing and relaxing place to find respite - or maybe just a toilet.

Way out and wild...
Jerry's descrition of where Elaine and he went when they were dating.

An act generally performed in a men's locker room whereby the perpetrator pulls up on the back of the victims underwear thereby wedging the underwear tightly in the victims butt crack. See "Atomic Wedgie" for variation.

Wee Wees and Pee Pees
Bookman aka "The Library Cop" warns Jerry of sickos drawing pictures of Wee Wee's and Pee Pee's in library books resulting in messing up children's minds. A reference to genitalia.

Making a donation to a charity in someone's name as their Christmas gift.

White Lotus
Nickname for Opium. See Shanghai Sally and Yam-Yam

White Whale
A persistent, ever elusive nemesis

white whale
the alter ego name given to Newman by the policeman and Kramer during Newman's scofflaw days.

Whitey Fisk
A summer friend George made up because Jerry had Fragile Frankie Merman to hang out with when they went to summer camp together. George claimed Whitey was able to sneak him in to see "Last Tango in Paris". George admitted lying to Jerry about Whitey after all those years in The Junk Mail.

Whoa, Doctah!
An exclamation utterted to one's self upon catching sight of a particularly large and fine set of breats.

Whoa, Nelson!
Exclamation of surprise. (See also Sweet Fancy Moses!)

Brand of tip calculator sold and distributed by Bob Saccomano Sr. in the south Florida region. Less expensive than the "Wizard" (less reliable as well), some have been known to come without a 7.

Spokesman for discount mart of sorts. Elaine's boyfriend was one of these and apparently they can't be beaten.

Women's Line
Brassieres and various and sundry women's, um, unmentionables.

The sound a police siren makes. More effective than Waa.

World's Greatest Dad
Better than just #1. The best in the World!

Worlds Collide Theory: Theory that
Worlds Collide Theory: Theory that if ones relationship self and their independent self met it would be the end of the independent self

Wretched Disfugurement
Situation where by a lawyer can make ridiculous sums of money suing the tobacco companies due to one's smoking habbits.

wretchedly poor
term used to describe one who wears one of those barrels with the straps

I don't really know what a write-off is, but the post office does, and they're the ones writing it off.

tax/accounting procedure used by big corporations to account for losses (i.e. damaged stereo sent via mail, which was insured) "...they just write it off!"

yada yada
Phrase used to shorten a story. May also be used to cover up unsavory information in the story.

Yada Yada Yada
The act of leaving out a very important and descriptive part of a conversation(Usually leaving out an intimate part of the conversation)

A part of a story is intentionally left out and replaced with "yada...yada...yada." over unimportant parts.

Substitution for unimpressive sex in conversation; used as a dialog shortcut.

Nickname for Opium. See Shanghai Sally and White Lotus

Exclamation of horror at a person's disheveled, frightful appearance.

Yeah, in six games.
According to George Costanza, the number of unacceptable games it takes to win a World Series. Usually said with a tone of indignation.

To sit and contemplate what one wants out of life.

Yo Yo Ma
Utterance proffered by Kramer after being dazed by a round-house kick to the gourd from Crazy Joe Divola 2) A world-famous cellist

An exclamation of astonished joy. Possible use would be when a man witnesses a woman sunbathing topless on a beach in the Hamptons.

Chocolate beverage that Jerry likes to drink; drink that the bubble boy's father transports

You are So Good Looking
Complimentary phrase to replace "God Bless You" after a sneeze.

You Better Believe It
I phrase uttered by Kramer to asure people of what he said or his plans

You Better Believe It
I phrase uttered by Kramer to asure people of what he said or his plans

You know this is my crazy time of year!
Request from a beautifully overworked Kramer on his third day.

You Know We're Living In a Society..
Phrase used to express dismay at the bad or rude behavior of others.

You're so good looking
The alternative to "Bless You" when someone sneezes.

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