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Update: May 5, 2006 -- A say day for Seinfeld fans. I have received a DMCA request to remove the scripts from this site. A lawyer, working on behalf of the copyright holders of Seinfeld, has requested that the videos, scripts, and sounds be removed from this site. It is sad when copyright holders decide to take action that harms their fans, the very people who made the brand successful and profitable in the first place. Even though the 'scripts' listed on this page were transcribed by Seinfeld fans, a process that takes many hours for each 22 minute episode, they have been deemed to be infringing copyrights. I am at a loss regarding what harm could be possibly caused by the publication of these transcripts. Welcome to the Bizarro World.

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The above "scripts" are actually transcripts which have been transcribed by many fans of the Seinfeld from around the world. These fan transcripts are provided for entertainment and education purposes only and are published in compliance with U.S. Code 17/Sec. 107 ("Fair Use").

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