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The Seinfeld Sounds have been taken offline. I have receive a DMCA request compelling me to deprive Seinfeld fans of Seinfeld Sounds. The copyright holders of Seinfeld have decided to harm fans of Seinfeld for some reason. I have no idea why these Seinfeld Sound Bites were deemed to be causing harm to the copyright owners, but they don't want you to listen to any Seinfeld Sounds (or videos, or fan-transcribed scripts, for that matter). Serenity Now...

For the reasons described above, the links below no longer contain Seinfeld Sounds audio clips.

Sidra: they're Real and Spectacular

Uncle Leo stealing a book

Kramer and Newman are making sausages

Puddy Soundbites

Mr. Kruger going out on a "high note"

Mr. Bookman

Kramer burning the Puerto Rican flag

Bania: Ovaltine

Babu: Jerry's a bad man!

Jackie Chiles Soundbites

Mandelbaum Soundbites

The Soup Nazi: Soundbites

Elaine: yada yada sex

These pretzels are making me thirsty

Jerry's car Reservation

Jerry doesn't know "Mulva's" name

Jerry and Puddy: High 5...

Jerry's neglected: Kramer has a job

Newman Sound Bites

Frank Costanza Sound Bites

Frank Costanza moves to Florida

Mr. Steinbrenner (funny talking)

Kramer: Joe DiMaggio dunks his Donut

Kramer advertises Hennigans (scotch)

Kramer fighting with a monkey

The Merv Griffin Show: Scandals and Animals

Kramer: marriage, man made prisons

Kramer: Jerry's an Anti-Dentite

Kramer fighting in a bus with a mugger

Gennice not suitable for Broadway

George was in the pool, it shrunk!

George tries to rescue The Frogger

The Theory of Independent George

george's wasting his life

the opposite (part 3)

the opposite (part 2)

the opposite (part 1)

marine biologist (part 3)

marine biologist (part 2)

marine biologist (part 1)

Lord of the Idiots

george goes nuts

double dip

george wants details

george's dating a convict

George's caught...

Can't stand ya

Can't park

George, Big Salad

bad boy

George's Answering Machine

Ahhhh Haaaa!

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