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double dip

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PostPosted: March 18, 2004 5:05 PM 

george double-dipped a chip...

This Seinfeld sound bite has been removed due to a DMCA request from the copyright owners of Seinfeld.

Art Vandelay
Rabid Anti-Dentite

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PostPosted: March 18, 2004 5:08 PM 

TIMMY: What are you doing?
TIMMY: Did...did you just double-dip that chip?
GEORGE: Excuse me?
TIMMY: You double-dipped the chip!
GEORGE: "Double-dipped"? What are you talking about?
TIMMY: You dipped the chip. You took a bite....And you dipped again.
GEORGE: So...?
TIMMY: That's like putting your whole mouth right in the dip!

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PostPosted: January 15, 2005 10:35 AM 

I Love that quote!!!!!! Very Happy

Keith Hernandez

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PostPosted: February 11, 2005 3:07 AM 

Why couldn't George just break the chip in half, then dip the half-chip, eat it, then dip and eat the other half-chip?

What's the point of even being "the boyfriend"? Ah, what can ya do...

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: March 2, 2005 5:14 PM 

1 of my fave quotes!! Laughing


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