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The Merv Griffin Show: Scandals and Animals

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PostPosted: March 19, 2004 8:49 AM 

This Seinfeld sound bite has been removed due to a DMCA request from the copyright owners of Seinfeld.

[Kramer's Apartment - The Merv Griffin set]

KRAMER: Okay. A little later, we're gonna be talking with animal expert, Jim Fowler.
FOWLER: Where are the cameras? (he has a live Hawk perched on his arm)
KRAMER: But first, we're talking with, Jerry. (looks down to his yellow note cards) Okay, Jerry, uh, you uh, you drugged a woman in order to play with her toy, collection. How do you feel about that?
JERRY: It was great! I've done it a few more time since then.
KRAMER: And she doesn't know anything, about this?
JERRY: No, not a thing.
KRAMER: Well, Jerry, we have a little surprise for you! Come on out, Celia!

(just like the “The Jerry Springer Show”)
CELIA: What kind of a sick twisted creep are you?
JERRY: What, What is this? What is she doing here?
KRAMER: It's the new format. Scandals and Animals. Git gt gt.
CELIA: If you think you can drug me and play with my toys, you got another thing coming, buddy!
NEWMAN: Go girl!

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PostPosted: March 19, 2004 8:50 AM 

JERRY: Well, what kind of woman drinks an entire box of wine?

(George enters with the squirrel)
GEORGE: Mister Fowler, I-I have a squirrel here that is a miracle of modern science!
KRAMER: George I told you we're booked!
FOWLER: Careful. Hawks and squirrels don't get along together.

(the Hawk starts making squawking sounds)
KRAMER: Ohhh. another interesting confrontation. This could be spicy. Yeah, George bring him over.
FOWLER: No, you idiot! Hawks eat squirrels!

(in slow motion - the hawk flies straight at George and the squirrel. Then a shot of Jerry looking amazed, Kramer looking stunned, Newman totally amused. Then the screeching hawk, again in slow motion, coming right at George. George puts his crossed arms up in front of him)

GEORGE: Ahhhh, Ahh, Ah, Ahhh, Ahh, Ah!
KRAMER: (off camera) Are we getting this?

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