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Superman referrences

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Babu Bhat

PostPosted: April 21, 2004 3:19 AM 

I heard people debate wether there is a reference to superman in every episode. I did a script search of "superman" and came up with 22. I know that it doesn't have to say superman, I've heard that the staute he has on his bookshelf counts as one(and you see it in many episodes), but it isnt put there at the beginning. I've also heard that people count strange things that would be a stretch for one (Jerry wearng red and blue). Anyways hope someone can solve this once and for all.


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PostPosted: April 21, 2004 6:22 AM 

well, i certainly can't settle this once and for all, but...

far as i know, there's a visual reference to superman in every episode that shows jerry's apartment (there's the statue on his stereo as well as the magnet on his fridge). i think the best way to settle it would be to take the 22 spoken references you found and cross-reference them with all the episodes that exist entirely outside of jerry's apartment (ie: 'the pen,' 'the movie,' 'the chinese restaurant,' 'the dealership' etc etc etc.)

then, and ONLY then, will there be a free exchange of sex and discounts. i mean, then and ONLY then, will you find your answer.


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PostPosted: April 21, 2004 6:25 AM 

by the way, you might be correct about there being no visual references in the very early episodes. i don't know for sure, and i don't feel like looking at the moment. either way, i am rather skeptical that there's a reference in every episode. most, yes, but not all.

Babu Bhat

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PostPosted: April 21, 2004 2:45 PM 

Thats a good idea Gack, I didnt think about looking at those episodes. I am not up to looking at them at the time either, hopefully soemone else can shine light on the subject.

Master of my Domain

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PostPosted: April 21, 2004 10:38 PM 

I think the closest you'll find in the pilot episode "Good News, Bad News" is the red sweatpants/blue sweat shirt (or is it the other way around) that Jerry wore. I'm fairly positive that I was looking and didnt see any Superman statues or magnets and no mention of him, but i could be wrong.


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PostPosted: April 22, 2004 6:29 AM 

i'm still very doubtful that the red and blue clothing in the pilot was a planned reference. if it was, it couldn't have been more obscure. myself, i think it's just a coincidence.

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