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Susie the Secretary

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J. Chiles

PostPosted: January 28, 2004 5:48 PM 

My secretary who I often call upon to book me an airline ticket or to make an appointment for Mr. Kramer with Dr. Bison.


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PostPosted: April 22, 2004 4:44 PM 

Wow, I thought I was good buy you guys know everything! Thanks for the great site.

lovin' every minute of it
Magnificent Bastard

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PostPosted: April 23, 2004 9:14 AM 

Just speculating on some things Susie might say:

"Yes sir, right away Mr Chiles"

"Excuse me sir, but, uh....didn't we learn our lesson from dealing with that hipster doofus in the past"


J. Chiles

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PostPosted: April 23, 2004 11:06 AM 

Questioning my decisions? Who told you to question my decisions? Did I tell you to question my decisions? The is stupendous, malicious, supercilious – OUTRAGEOUS!

Suzie, get the temp agency on the phone, tell ‘em it’s for me.

F. Costanza

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PostPosted: April 23, 2004 4:36 PM 

LOL have him down to a tee!

Wink Laughing

Bob Sakamano

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PostPosted: May 3, 2004 4:16 PM 

"You put the balm on? Who told you to put the balm on? I didn't tell you to put the balm on. I know the Maestro didn't tell you to put the balm on, he wasn't there!"

"20 years practicing law I've never experienced anything like this."

"This is a public humiliation."


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PostPosted: July 1, 2005 8:53 PM 

loooool ya dat waz gud 1..hhhaaahaa

Condo Board President

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PostPosted: July 1, 2005 11:27 PM 

Are you an assassin? You're an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill.

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