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The Boyfriend Mysterious Scream

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Dustin Wilcox

PostPosted: January 16, 2005 2:38 PM 

I noticed on my DVD in Part 2 of "The Boyfriend", Just after Kramer picks up the baby, it goes to the next scene and we hear a loud scream that sounds like it's from George. Even on the commentary, Julia says "What's that yell?" and nobody really elaborates on it. The "Notes About Nothing" says it is coming from Michael Richards at the idea of Kramer holding the baby. Is this a mistake or something?


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PostPosted: January 16, 2005 7:16 PM 

The scream is supposed to be the baby not wanting to be picked up (especially by someone like Kramer). But it screams as soon as Kramer reaches down for it, not after. It does indeed sound like Jason doing the scream, not Michael. They were probably either too lazy to put a real baby scream in, or just felt that the one used would be funnier... who knows.

The T

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PostPosted: March 18, 2019 3:41 PM 

The Notes About Nothing are referring to the character Michael-- the father of the baby Jerry and Kramer are visiting-- not Michael Richards.

Michael (the character) leaves the room to go get the camera; he's yelling from down the hall when he hears Kramer offer to hold the baby.

There is confusion because A) the actor playing Michael sounds a lot like Jason Alexander when he screams, and B) the timing suggests the baby is the one screaming (even though it clearly sounds like an adult).

It's just a confluence of somewhat poor sound and video editing.

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