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The First Church of Ignorance

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PostPosted: July 9, 2006 7:21 PM 

I think I've finally found my religion; Ignorance.

Whenever I find myself becoming upset or depressed, it's always over things that happy people don't even know about. Things that nobody can do anything about, anyway.

You think George Bush is uninformed? Well, I want to be one of those people who don't even know who George Bush IS! These clueless dopes are the happiest people you could ever meet. Global Warming? Iraq? Michigan becoming a third-world graveyard? Sorry, from now on, I don't know what the hell you're talking about, and don't care.

I'm going to become uninformed, unconcerned, and have a constant smile on my face... and care about nothing from now on. Who's with me?

Bad Breaker Upper

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PostPosted: July 9, 2006 8:27 PM 

Jummy, I think you're wrong about this being new. It's already called "the Religous Right".


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PostPosted: July 9, 2006 10:38 PM 

(Jimmy's passed out with deafening Bob Marley music playing)

Magnificent Bastard

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PostPosted: July 9, 2006 10:52 PM 

Who aaare these people??? Confused

Bad Breaker Upper

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PostPosted: July 10, 2006 1:28 AM 

(Jimmy wipes his cheeks and finds NO tears)

"Oh my God!....I don't care!".


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PostPosted: July 10, 2006 5:36 PM 

I wish that I would've been intelligent enough to realize what "Ignorance is Bliss" meant, back when I was young and stupid enough to put it to good use.

Bookman Author Profile Page
Condo Board President

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PostPosted: July 10, 2006 8:02 PM 

I read the news today, oh boy


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PostPosted: July 11, 2006 6:11 PM 

What do you have to read the news for? What's in there that's so special?

Curly Author Profile Page
Son of Dad

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PostPosted: July 12, 2006 5:23 AM 

I'm enjoying this. No newspapers, no keeping up with world events, no nightly news. I should've done this years ago,


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PostPosted: July 12, 2006 8:01 PM 

Yep........ this is one for OUR SIDE!"

Condo Board President

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PostPosted: July 12, 2006 11:41 PM 

I like to do the Jumble.


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PostPosted: July 13, 2006 3:31 PM 

I think Bookman's finally coming around... let's put a few cookies in a blender and he could drink it!

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