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gs: Wayne Knight (Newman) Linda Cash (Gwen) Linda Kash (Gwen) Christopher Darga (Driver) Jerry Sroka (Todd) Marlee Matlin (Laura) Veralyn Jones (Renee) Dylan Haggerty (Young Man) Bret Anthony (Teen)

Jerry is smitten with a line judge at the US Open, but after he gets her attention, he finds out she is deaf. Elaine has a problem not communicating with a limo driver. George wants to use Jerry's girlfriend to read the lips of his ex-girlfriend to find out what she is saying about him. While she is reading the lips, Kramer does the translation, that gets George in more trouble. Kramer becomes a ball man at the Open, when Monica Seles returns to tennis.

b: 28-Oct-93 pc: 506 w: Carol Leifer d: Tom Cherones

posted at September 16, 2003 6:53 PM

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