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The Pony Remark

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PostPosted: September 25, 2010 1:40 AM 

I almost never came back! Honestly, Jimmy and Brian never got to me, but you Jeff Zucker, .. I never saw this coming from you!

Et Tu Brute!


Well, I couldn't help it, it was as though God himself intervened and gave me a dream, a vision (I wish a spell checker on this) (I'm takin' God GOD, Stan The Caddy) and in it I was traveling around the Universe, winding up on Mars and noting why, if this is Mars are there those like weird green plants like along the freeways here in the disaster that is Southern California, and then I thought (in the dream, I'm pretty sure) of 'The Pony Remark' episode. I zipped through the episode like I was on #4 Fast Forward on my Direct TV HD-DVR.

And then ...

They played that episode tonight on the local LA Station they play the reruns of S-feld!

This has some meaning, I think.

It meant I can and should go on with my terrible English where I don't spellcheck and check my drafts for the English Grammar and especially run-on sentences.

Another thing I wanted to ask the gang (not you Jimmy and Brian, Jeff Zucker maybe) is Larry David of Polish descent? I can't help but wonder when I watch 'The Pony Remark'. Does anyone know?

Lastly, I will watch my language, OK? Sorry about that! Very Happy Laughing Wink

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