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Top 3 Seinfeld Women - Results

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PostPosted: May 3, 2005 2:04 PM 

OK people. Here are the results of the now INfamous poll... and while we're on the subject, i must say that i was a little disappointed with the turnout. I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS?~!>>?!?

Here are the results;

Honorable Mentions:

Sidra - real and spectacular (but really, not all that BIG if you ask me)

Sargent Tierny - something about a woman in a uniform that also watches melrose place

Third Place: Sophie (the burning) the most important thing is that you have a partner that can see past the ghonarhea (SP?), and see the hot blonde actress within.

Second Place: Elaine - no explanation required. well, maybe some dancing lessons.

First Place - Nicki from the calzone - she's beautiful, charming, and she knows Nixon's middle name (not Moe)

thanks to all who participated. those who didn't should be ashamed of yourselves....

but I will give you another chance - before much longer, i'll start up the TOP 3 KRAMER WOMEN vote. and you BETTER vote, 'cause i'm like ice, buddy. if i don't like you, you got problems.

stay outta the deep end.


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