Larry David plays Frank Costanza's lawyer in one episode.  As Jerry and Elaine are walking down the street, they see Frank.  Soon they notice he is with "a man in a cape."  Throughout the episode there are numerous "cape discussions."  You know, those vintage random Seinfeld-esque monologues of nothing.  Anyways, when Jerry and Elaine discover the perculiar character and the fear of the unknown, they cross the street and avoid the situation.  I love Jerry and Elaines initial discussion about this strange man and his cape.  
"Is he wearing a cape?"
"I believe he is."
"Who wears a cape?"
"Well it is good cape"
"Where do you even get a cape?"
"Your right, it is strange, in fact lets cross the street, cover for me."

I apologize if I misquoted that discussion but thats all I can remember off the top of my head.  Unfortunately I don't recall the name of the episode either.  Its the one where Elaine's friend Loreen is having troubles...I think with the long-talker.

Anyways...I hope you enjoyed...whoever read this