One of the three Dominicans from "The English Patient" ep151.

Although Kramer and his investors were really interested in Cubans ->  ->
"KRAMER: Jerry, I just picked up the Cubans at the bus station. (shrill)  What's going on!?
JERRY: What?
KRAMER: (animated) They're not real Cubans. They're Dominicans.
KRAMER: So, Jerry, if my investors don't get Cubans, the whole deal's off.
JERRY: What's the difference?
KRAMER: Jerry, once you've had real Cubans, there's just nothing else like it.
JERRY: (confused) We're talking about people, right?
KRAMER: Yes, yes. The quality, the texture, the intoxicating aroma. These guys don't have it.
JERRY: I thought they smelled pretty nice.
KRAMER: Jerry, your palate's unrefined."