Carl M. posted an interesting story in the forum on this site.  Carl was lucky enough to meet Jerry Seinfeld recently.  Carl writes:

I met Seinfeld! Even more interesting, he knows about this site! I was in NYC on business, when i decided to stop by a local stand up place that i heard Seinfeld frequents. There were two no name comics on the bill, but i didn't care, i just wanted to see something funny, plus, i have also heard that Seinfeld enjoys the pop-in (even though his char. on seinfeld isn't a fan) The first act was ok, and the second was better. Just as i was about to leave, however, i noticed in the rear of the room, someone was signing autographs. I didn't see his face at first, but i heard his unmistakable voice. I got up and walked over to the table, and there he was. I introduced myself, and told him how big a fan i was. Having seen the recent American Express ads, i of course asked him if he and superman were meeting up later, which got a chuckle out of him, but little more than a smile. Then the coolest thing ever happend, he asked me if i wanted to sit down. OF COURSE!!! So there i sat, chatting it up with the master of observational humor. I asked him about his family, friends, stand up career, etc. Then i thought of this site. I asked him if he was aware of the rabid internet fanbase he had, and he replied, no kidding, 'I hear things'. It was just like from the show! I asked him if he had ever heard of, and he replied with a smile, "Yea, i've been there." I was of course amazed by this, seeing as how he has been to the same place as me, just never really knew it. But what the hell was i thinking, He is sitting right in front me! At this point, feeling like a million dollars, i tell him thank you, and asked him sign a napkin on the table. He did, and like a school boy on speed I walked merrily out of there, feeling like a new person.

Oddly enough, the last thing he said to me before i walked out of there was, say hi to Stan for me.....

Well Carl, that's pretty cool.  I'm jealous.  Next you are hanging with Jerry and Superman, tell Jerry I said 'hi'.  And if you could ask him, Superman, or Jerry's people if there is anyway they can get me tickets to one of Jerry's shows in Toronto on May 7th and 8th, that would be fantastic. :)  The only tickets left for sale are "partially obstructed view", single seats, for like $129. They can email me at ;)