Jimmy can dunk. Jimmy's new in town. Jimmy always refers to himself in the third person. Jimmy runs a business selling plyometric shoes. George ends up going in on a case of the shoes with Jimmy, hoping to profit based on Jimmy's proven sales method:  he jumps. Kramer gets on board with the exercise shoes, but ends up taking the bread out of Jimmy's mouth when his Novocain-induced drool causes Jimmy to slip while displaying some new moves in the health club locker room. Jimmy may have had a compound fracture. Jimmy wants to get Kramer, and Jimmy holds grudges. Jimmy goes into shock, and is taken off by the paramedics.

Elaine stretches in front of Jimmy to get his attention, but thinks he is talking about someone else when he remarks 'Jimmy is pretty sweet on you.' Elaine invites him to see Mel Tormay at the AMCA (Ably Mentally Challenged Adults) benefit, tries to cancel after the misunderstanding. Jimmy and misunderstandings kinda clash. Elaine becomes enamored with Jimmy when he expresses his happiness over the formation of a new gay couple in the health club - Jimmy's not threatened by their sexuality. Kramer is sitting at the head table of the AMCA benefit, because his Novocain-talking and large white shoes convince the organizer of the event that Kramer is mentally challenged. While there, he runs into Jimmy, now on crutches. Jimmy flies off the handle and punches Kramer in the face, causing his lip to swell and his speech to distort enough that no one notices he's (probably) not mentally challenged.