Serenity now!

Due to an unknown error, I have lost some of the email addresses of people who have signed up for my Seinfeld on DVD mailing list.  I am very sorry about this, I don't know how this happened (someone is going to pay, that's for sure!).

If you signed up recently, you are okay, I still have your address. But if you signed up before June 5, 2003 - I no longer have your email address.  Please sign up for the list again.  I have a new system in place that will track and store addresses better. Click here to sign up for the list.  If you are not sure when you signed up, you should sign up again, just to be sure (the new system is smart enough that it won't add you twice, so don't worry about getting duplicate emails).

Once again, please accept my apologies and sign up for the list again if you signed up prior to June 5th.