Elaine?s new sidling coworker in The Merv Griffin Show. When he introduces himself to Elaine, she spills coffee on her sleeve in the shape of Castro (or Art Garfunkle). Sidles up behind Elaine and gets credit for the assignment she's turning in. Elaine decided to use wrestling shoes to sidle the sidler the next time he is turning in an assignment. She succeeds in sidling in for credit, but gets stuck with the total redo Peterman assigns when the sidler's work is incoherent drivel. To relieve the sidling, Elaine tells him he has bad breath, and gives him a box of tic-tacs so he rattles whenever he moves. Peterman blames Elaine for the rattling sound around the office that has been driving him crazy - like the Haitian voodoo rattle torture. Elaine's job is dependant on getting him to find something else to do about his bad breath, but he has a bad canker sore problem that prevents him from using mouthwash or bonacca.