Elaine's unseen across the hall neighbor. Earlier remarks in the episode establish that Elaine's apartment building reeks of potato odor. Later, after Kramer and Elaine have shorted out the electricity in another neighbor's apartment with a paperclip to squelch a noisy alarm clock (oh, momma!), they find that the neighbor's cat feeder is also out of commission. Kramer and Elaine use Kramer's handy dandy slicer, which he obtained by trading his sausage press, to produce meat slices thin enough to be accommodated by the crack in the neighbor's door in an effort to feed the cat. Elaine subsequently wedges her shoe heel in the slicer because one of her shoes is higher than the other. Kramer comes to retrieve his slicer and in his flailings with Elaine at her door, falls backward through the door to the apartment across the hall, cringes in alarm as he looks in and says, "That's a lot of potatoes".