I have added a new section to this site:  Seinfeld Characters.

As an experiment, I would like visitors to this site to help me build this section.  So far I have only added Jerry to the list of Seinfeld characters.  On the Seinfeld Characters page, there is form where you can submit characters and descriptions.  Together we can create a comprehensive list of every Seinfeld character, major or minor.

Here are the guidelines:

1)  Before adding a character, check to make sure that the character is not already listed.

2)   If the character's last name is mentioned, use both first and last name.

3)  Only characters with known names are eligible.  The name of the character must be mentioned or seen on screen.

4)  Names of famous people only count if they are part of a scene.

5)  Animals (with known names) count.

6)  The characters themselves do not have to be actually seen on screen.

7)  Dwell on the minutae - no character is too minor to be listed.

If you can think of any other useful guidelines, let me know.  Extra points go to the true Seinfeld experts who submit the more obscure characters!

Each character added will include a discussion.  Discuss the merits of the character, suggest enhancements to the description, etc.  There is also a new Forum area for characters.

Submit a Seinfeld Character now.