To continue with my discussion of the Seinfeld Finale, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld created the show with a "no hugging, no lessons learned" policy.  Read my Oct. 11 post for more about that.  But it was done in such way that most viewers didn't realize that these characters didn't care about anyone except themselves.  They would even laugh when people died.  But it was funny, and this was highlighted and summarized in the Finale.  The trial scene was a brilliant way to show a few clips from past episodes without being to cheesy (as sitcoms often are).  In the end, even after a conviction and sentencing, the characters still haven't learned any lessons.  It was perfect.  And of course in it all came full circle, with the Finale ending just as the Pilot had begun, as Jerry notices that the button on George's shirt is in the wrong place.